Gualala Arts Library

What’s in the Library?

The Gualala Arts Library collection contains over 3,000 books related to arts and crafts, in all their many forms. The purpose of this library is to help Gualala Arts promote public interest and participation in the arts by providing a resource to educate and expand members’ experience and enjoyment of the arts.

Gualala Arts Library stacks   Gualala Arts Library stacks


How is the Library Organized?

The books, which reside upstairs in the Mohr Mezzanine at the Gualala Arts Center, are organized via the Dewey Decimal System. Most of our collection is part of the Dewey Decimal 700 series, which includes a broad range of art subjects. In addition to the 700 series, the library also contains some pre-700 books, such as gardening and cookbooks; a collection of all the books read by the Gualala Arts Readers’ Guild; a collection of books used by the Gualala Arts Readers’ Theater and a collection of art related videos. Also, embedded within the 746.46 section are books purchased by the Pacific Piecemakers’ Quilt Guild.

To help you find a specific type of art book, there is a list of art types and the related Dewey Decimal number posted above the sign-out book near the Mohr Mezzanine doorway. Also, the library has developed a computerized card catalog, which is very useful for searching the collection by author, title, key word or subject. Directions for using the catalogue system are on the table next to the computer. If you experience any problems using the catalogue, please contact Gualala Arts staff for assistance.

Using the Library!

Immediately on the right as you enter the Mohr Mezzanine is a pedestal with a notebook on top. The library runs on an honor system and this notebook contains the record of library usage. We request that all users sign out the books they borrow and sign them back in when they are returned. Books should be returned within a month, so that they are available for other Gualala Arts members. When you return a book, you may place it back where it belongs in the bookcases or you may leave it on one of the two shelves that have been designated for returned books. The library volunteers will gladly re-shelve them for you.

Who Maintains the Library?

The current team consists of Susan Grenwelge, Jeannie Jackson, Sharon Nickodem (head librarian) and Susan Sandoval. The library volunteers regularly meet in the library on Fridays, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. to organize and update the collection.

If you love books and are interested in joining the volunteer library team, please contact Sharon Nickodem at or (707) 884-9611.


We gladly take donations of art books and videos in good condition. We do not take magazines. If donated books are duplicates or if the books do not fit into our collection, depending on condition, we offer them to other libraries in the area or they are given to the Gualala Arts spring or fall rummage sale. You may leave book and video donations in the empty shelves marked for donated books.