Hearts for the Arts

Jane Head and Walt Rush and Leslie Moody Cresswell

A New Exhibit at The Dolphin Gallery

Opens Saturday, February 6, 2021 through Sunday, April 4, 2021. Members preview on Friday, February 5.

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“Hearts for the Arts”.

New Exhibit Opens Saturday, Feb. 6, 2021, 11 am to 7 pm.

Members Preview Friday, Feb. 5, 11 am – 4 pm.

Continues through Apr. 4, 2021.

With Valentines Day coming up next month, the Dolphin Gallery opens its new exhibit, “Hearts for the Arts”. The exhibit opens Saturday, February 6, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. Three artists will bring their work to the Dolphin: Jane Head’s focus is on clay, Walt Rush’s is on jewels, and Leslie Moody Cresswell’s is glass. All three are either longtime residents or visitors (or both) of the coast and their art reflects much of the light, color and texture of the coastal environment.

“Ceramic Hearts” by Jane Head

Jane Head has lived and worked on the coast for what she calls, “20 of the best years of my life!” She discovered that inspiration was all around her. “When we came here, I was in awe of the ocean, and now the natural beauty and wonderful community has saturated me in gratitude for those gifts! Gualala Arts has been an inspiration to me, what a wonderful jewel!”

She came to Gualala Arts as a volunteer in the Clay Studio and has thoroughly enjoyed her experience of meeting new students and helping to guide them with their clay work. She has experimented a lot and has developed simple clay projects that can teach so many of the skills needed to work with clay. Her signature has become the “Hold In Your Hand Hearts,” which have been made not only in the clay studio but in the local schools. Head added, “A group of us made 120 hearts for Standing Rock in 2014 to show our support.” Her dream was to circulate as many of these hearts in the world as possible and have them passed on and adds “I still believe a worthy endeavor! So, for this Valentines show, getting to the H’Art of it is my theme.”

“Whale Pendant” by Walt Rush

Walt Rush was born in San Francisco into a creative family.  His father was an Architect, and his mother was a painter. He’s a self- taught Gold / Silversmith with over 48 years’ experience in creating jewelry. What Rush enjoys doing most is his water cast and straw designs because “I enjoy creating from pouring or dripping the molten metal into the water or straw and sea grass. I create from the design that takes shape when the metal hardens.”

In most of his work he often has a design with a general creation in mind.  However, as he is creating a particular piece his surroundings, metals, and stones which he is working with will influence him to the end result. In his wax designs he will see something in his mind and cut everything else away.  He works with all types of stones be it natural specimen, faceted or a variety of cabochons.

Rush believes jewelry should be an attribute to the human body as a painting is to a room, or a sculpture is to that special place in a home, building or yard. His works-of-art in jewelry or treasured precious metal sculptures are for the discerning in taste.

Leslie Moody Cresswell

Leslie Moody Cresswell has been working with hot glass since 1982. Her work has been described as personal, lyrical, sensual and intimate; words not commonly associated with blown glass art. Her forms are one-of-a-kind vessels with surface designs reminiscent of some kind of watercolor / calligraphy. She attended Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, WA, received a scholarship to Penland School of Arts and Crafts in North Carolina, apprenticed under Loren Chapman in Laguna Beach, taught beginning students and has regularly demonstrated the art of glass blowing. Her work has been exhibited in numerous juried and invitational shows through-out the United States and Japan, as well as some of the most prestigious juried Fine Art Festivals including Denver, Scottsdale, Sun Valley and Sausalito to name a few.

The “Hearts for the Arts” exhibit will continue through April 4, 2021. The Dolphin Gallery is in Gualala at 39114 Ocean Drive in Cypress Village, Gualala’s Uptown Gallery District. Information is at 707.884.3896.