In Paper & Wood

A fine arts exhibit by Judith Fisher & Peter McCann

Collage & Woodwork

Opens Saturday, September 5. Exhibit remains up through September 27

The Dolphin Gallery


Two artists, have worked in concert for 25 years: designing and building a home, opening the Healing Arts Center, and developing a woodworking shop and art studio. In short, they’ve been living their lives as artists in every sense. The exhibit  “Collage and Wood” opens at Dolphin Gallery and Gift Shop Saturday, September 5, 11 am to 7 pm and remains up through Sunday, September 27. The Dolphin is open Thursday through Monday, 11 am to 4 pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Woodwork by Peter McCann

For Peter McCann it seems so simple: “It all started with Mom. She lent me a carving knife when I was about five and admonished ‘don’t cut yourself’. I whittled and carved toys, airplanes and swords.” He’s played with wood his entire life, a passion he could not ignore. Clearly, he was born to build.  Examples of that work include a cradle for his firstborn, a dollhouse and bench for his daughter, along with wedding chests, tables, saltboxes and altars.

Now retired from an Osteopathic practice of nearly 50 years, McCann has returned to his childhood passion with a new twist. These days he fashions benches, altars and worktables from recycled woods including redwood and fir mixed with dark accents of aged black walnut, jarrah (eucalyptus), wenge (a tropical timber, heavy, hard and very dark in color) and mahogany.

Collage by Judith Fisher

Judith Fisher’s childhood included a longing to become an artist, a dream that was realized when she chose weaving and fabric design as her college major. From east coast to west her interests blossomed into practical “production” arts. “Weaving and jewelry design, along with a 30-year profession as a massage therapist—the Healing Arts—fulfilled much of her passion for creativity. And yet another piece of her dream simmered away—writing. In 2014, her memoir, “Bookbinder’s Daughter” was ‘born’.

It  should surprise no one that Fisher and McCann, two creative people, grew together as they shared a common love for imagining spaces in which to live and work. The first was the  Healing Arts Center. From 850 square feet of windows and bare studs, the design and execution of a beautiful and practical space for the healing arts took shape. They then collaborated on a new home design, one with a well-lighted shop for woodworking and a large garden with flowers, fruit trees and herbs. That effort was followed by designing and (weekend) building of Fisher’s ‘dream art studio’. Still one more: they designed and facilitated the building a large ‘studio’ for a dear friend: “The Red Tent”.

All that was needed was time. Finally, retirement opened up the space to imagine and create art without practical considerations, only “the manifesting of dreams”. McCann began turning beautiful recycled wood into furniture. Fisher—with decades worth of saved paper images: antiques, family ephemera (photographs, stamps, cards) has now transformed these into collages—personal, yet perhaps a mirror for each viewer.

The exhibit  “Collage and Wood” continues at the Dolphin Gallery and Gift Shop through Sunday, September 27. The Dolphin is open Thursday through Monday, 11 am to 4 pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.