Hello World, An Art Affair Around the Globe-Online

Alexis Moyer and Artists from around the world.

The nonprofit organization TransCultural Exchange invites art lovers on a (virtual) voyage around the world.

Beginning Saturday, June 20, at 8am (and continuing online)



Hello World, An Art Affair Around the Globe

Hello World GOES LIVE!

On June 20, 2020 – the summer/winter solstice –the nonprofit organization TransCultural Exchange invites art lovers on a (virtual) voyage around the world.

Live Streaming of the launch will take place June 20 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am

[11:00 – noon EST (UTC -4)]

On TransCultural Exchange’s Facebook page:

With the mere click of a mouse, travelers can check out paintings, music, dances, films and installations by contemporary artists working in Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Spain, Germany, Morocco, Peru, Poland, Senegal, Turkey and Zambia with countless stops along the way. They can collaborate with art projects from Kyrgyzstan, the UK, US, Brazil and more. The choices are myriad; hundreds of artists and cultural venues from over 70 countries make up the tour.

During the solstice launch, the public will also see and hear from the artists who donated their work to Hello World’s global showcase.

Advance entrée to some of the places (Venues) you can visit is <here>.
The names of some of the artists whose works you will experience is <here>.

On June 20th and thereafter you can see/hear/experience Hello World’s gallery of artists’ works.


Information on future “Hello World” Exhibits can be found below.

Interested in a second Hello World tour?

Become a Hello World Sponsor:

You can help TCE afford to turn Hello World’s list of venues into a lively gallery of images, describing the nearly seventy cultural centers, residencies and galleries that dot the globe from Argentina to Zambia. With just $10 from 200 people, we can reach our $5000 goal, jumpstarted by a generous Hello World enthusiast’s initial $3000 donation.

Want us to add another gallery of art works for your enjoyment? We can do it. We need 500, $10 donations or a bit more from a bit less people. Let’s make it happen. As we like to say, “A New World Awaits.”

Any and all donations will help us to continue to help hundreds of artists and arts and cultural venues gain a bit more visibility for their wonderful efforts in this very difficult time. You will also be helping us

  • To sustain people-to-people interactions within and beyond borders, during the COVID-19 period of travel restrictions and social distancing.
  • To address the isolation, loss and fear resulting from the pandemic’s decrease in our usual sources of solace – the arts, a connection with others and the possibility of positive interactions with those outside our usual sphere.
  • To encourage a non-threatening global mindset to stem the rising nationalism, discrimination and other extremist tendencies that often results when people feel scared and stressed.

Not able to contribute to a second tour?

No matter.  Enjoy this one for free. It is and will always be – as all of TransCultural Exchange’s virtual offerings – available at no cost to everyone, everywhere