2020: Gualala Arts Annual Young Artists Scholarship Award Applications

Presented by Gualala Arts with significant support from the Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild

Scholarship Application

Application Deadline has been extended to Friday, May29, 2020 and are available at Gualala Arts and on the Gualala Arts Website



Valuable financial aid in scholarships is available to graduating seniors whose residence is in the region served by Gualala Arts, Fort Ross to Elk. Students active in and committed to continue their studies and pursue a career in art are encouraged to apply. Art is broadly defined to include painting, drawing, sculpture, music, ceramics, jewelry, drama, dance, writing, film, photography, computer art and other appropriate fields. In previous years, scholarships up to $2000 have been awarded to students engaged in theater arts, dance, clay arts, drawing, painting, film, fashion design, photography, and other fields.


  • Graduating senior
  • Resident of Gualala Arts region-from Fort Ross to Elk
  • Strong motivation
  • Demonstrated abilities, interest, and productivity
  • Definite plans to enroll in an appropriate school, college or university for art studies
  • Commitment to enroll in an appropriate art program or classes


An Application Must Show Evidence Of A Serious Commitment To A Career In Art, Such As Representations Of Appropriate Works Of Art, Activities, And Experiences In The Chosen Field. A Finalist Will Be Expected To Bring To The Interview A Portfolio Or Equivalent To Demonstrate Proficiencies And Prior Involvement In The Chosen Field  Of Art.     Deadline For Completed Applications Extended to Friday, May 29, 2019.


Gualala Arts Young Artists Scholarships are for two out of three consecutive academic terms, commencing with the term following graduation, payable in two equal payments upon submission to Gualala Arts by the scholarship recipient of evidence of registration and enrollment in classes, courses, or programs in the recipient’s field, or fields of art.

Download the Application as Word Doc:

Download the Application as PDF:


Complete and submit your written application to:

Gualala Arts Young Artists Annual Scholarship Committee

c/o David “Sus” Susalla, Executive Director

Gualala Arts, P O Box 244, Gualala, CA 95445

Your application must be typed, concise, focused, and complete to be considered. Please be aware that the Scholarship Committee will want to see clear evidence of your commitment to a career in the arts, as indicated by your choice of institution(s) for further study and in the courses or program in which you will enroll. If you are a finalist, the Gualala Arts Scholarship Committee will interview you at a time and place to be arranged later in April. If you are selected as a finalist, you should be prepared to bring to your interview examples of your work, your portfolio, or other suitable representations of your work. Awards will be announced in late April or early May at a date to be determined.

Please respond to the following. Please organize your responses in the order in which the questions are given. Remember; concise, focused, and complete, in type.

l. About you:  Please state your name, home mailing address, home telephone, date of birth, your high school, and graduation date. Tell what field or fields of art you intend to pursue a career.

2. Your art work and studies:  In what field or fields of art are you active? List art-related classes, activities, events you have participated in, and any accomplishments or awards or recognitions you have garnered. Describe any program, workshop, summer courses, mentoring or experiences you have undertaken in addition to your high school curriculum.

3. Your plans: Tell about your goals and plans for study: where you plan to enroll, what courses or programs you will take. Describe the kind of career in art to which you aspire. Tell how will you use the scholarship money.

4. Attachments: Attach your current high school transcript to your application. At least two letters of recommendation from persons who can speak to your interests, abilities, performance, and prospects are required, and should also be attached.

Anything that can be conveniently included in your written application to show what you do, such as photographs or reproductions, would be helpful. An incomplete application will result in ineligibility for the scholarship.

Inquiries may be directed to Frances Angwin, 884-1131, or David “Sus” Susalla, Executive Director, Gualala Arts at 884-1138.


Gualala Arts’ mission is to promote

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Graduate image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay