Would You like to Dance?

Dance Instructors Anthony & Susannah Cuesta

Dance Workshop

Most Fridays, 6-8 pm

Gualala Arts Center

The Social Sampler 6-7pm $15; Social Dance Night 7-8pm $10

Greetings fellow Banana Belters,

Anthony and Susannah Cuesta are excited to kick off your weekends with Ballroom and Latin dancing. In conjunction with the wonderful folks at the Gualala Arts Center, they will be teaching a one-hour dance class on Friday from 6-8pm and then hold a dance social from 7-8pm. These are two separate sessions, so you can either come for the class or the dance, but why not take them both?

Both sessions are open to the public, and both beginner and experienced dancers are welcome. Anthony adds, “Our goal is to get you up and dancing. To think that if you took our weekly classes, by the end of the year, you could be a dance machine!

If you have any questions, you can call the Gualala Arts Center, or you can reach us at (323) 258-0029 or itsaballroomblitz@gmail.com.”

NOTE: Subject to change:

The Social Sampler 6-7pm $15 – We introduce three dance styles each week.

Nightclub Two-Step, Single-Time Swing, and the Hustle

Social Dance Night 7-8pm $10 – Dance to a variety of Ballroom and Latin music. Whether or not you take our classes, doesn’t matter. Come out and exercise your terpsichoral spirit.