Sweatshirt to Jacket

with instructor Kalynn Oleson

PPQG Workshop

Wednesday & Thursday, October 16 & 17, 2019 from 9:30 am - 4 pm call 707.884.1138 to sign up by 9/30/2019

Coleman Hall

$30 for GA Members & $40 for Non Members

 Fabric, sewing, clothing construction and quilting have been focal points in my life except when work got in the way.  About 30 years ago I was re-introduced to quilting by a bank co-worker. That did it. I took many quilt classes, created a stash and paid my dues, in matching points and blocks.  Quilting is still a love of mine but I do like working outside the block. Clothing construction is also a love of mine and provides me one more aspect of “outside of the block”. I have found that a simple sweatshirt provides a loose fitting jacket. It is my design base. I can take it apart and apply fabric, thread, trims and beads and make a jacket that no longer resembles a sweatshirt. I aim to create a very wearable article of clothing that has a unique and timeless look.- Kalynn Oleson

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