Melissa McCann and Andrea Allen

Melissa McCann, fused glass and Andrea Allen, Chinese Brush Painting & Scrolls

Dolphin Gallery Exhibit

Opening reception Saturday, October 5, 2019, 5 to 7 pm. Exhibit thru November 17, 2019.

Dolphin Gallery



Melissa McCann’s Fused Glass
Andrea Allen’s Chinese Brush Painting

Melissa McCann’s Fused Glass and

Andrea Allen’s Chinese Brush Painting & Scrolls

Opening Reception at Dolphin Gallery Saturday, October 5

Melissa McCann states that “Fused glass is an ancient art form. It is also called warm glass to distinguish it from cold (stained glass) or hot (blown glass). Fused glass is heated in a kiln.”

Shapes of glass are cut from high quality handmade sheets of colored glass (produced by Bullseye Glass Co). The shapes are assembled into a design that is at least two layers thick. It is then fired in a kiln to about 1500 degrees to fuse it together. At the end of that firing there is a solid sheet.

If the finished piece has a shape to it, this fused piece is then fired at least one more time into or over a mold to give it the final shape. Most of my pieces are slumped in a ceramic mold. Some of these molds were hand built by me using high fire clay and others were purchased.

The sculptural pieces (table and wall hung) have been fired numerous times to show layers or specific textures in the final form. When a piece is displayed in a stand, that stand has been commercially purchased.

“I began my artistic exploration as a potter. I created wheel thrown functional ware for over twenty years. In 2001 due to a physical injury I was unable to continue throwing and was introduced to glass.

Since 2001 glass fusing has become my primary means of expression. I love the way the light and the medium interact. The colors and brightness connect to my own discovery of spirit.”

As a Chinese Brush Artist, Andrea Allen has developed a unique style that combines the traditions of the Chinese Masters with a subtle, contemporary flair. She studied with a Chinese Master for six years, and has been painting and teaching in this style for over twenty years.

Andrea utilizes many ancient Chinese techniques such as grinding her own Sumi ink, often mixing it with watercolor, loading the calligraphy brush, and applying it to handmade rice paper, with a minimal number of strokes to complete each painting. She carefully balances the unpainted and painted spaces in each composition, creating a tranquil flow throughout each painting.

Ancient Chinese symbolism and philosophy influence her work, enhancing the feeling of vital energy and serenity. The inherent effect is for the viewer to be effortlessly invited into each painting, to experience a peaceful balance and harmony in a timeless continuum.

Andrea has exhibited extensively throughout the Bay Area, including the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. She teaches several classes in Chinese Brush painting for beginning and experienced students. Andrea also welcomes creating custom paintings, upon request.

Melissa McCann’s fused glass and Andrea Allen’s art will be on display through Sunday, November 17, 2019.