70th+ Birthday Celebration 1949-2019

Gualala Arts Presents

A 70th+ Birthday Celebration for those born in 1949, 1939, 1929, 1919

Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 5 pm

Coleman Hall

Free for celebrants, $35 for family, friends, and community members. RSVP at 707-884-1138.


The 70th Birthday Celebration

Sunday, October 20, 2019, 5 pm

Gualala Arts Center

If you are celebrating your 70th Birthday anytime in 2019 this is the gathering for you!  And, we now encourage those celebrating their 80th, 90th, or 100th birthday this year to join us as well. This informal evening offers a Salmon dinner menu as originally created by Rosemarie Hocker for the first community birthday celebration on Sea Ranch back in 1998.  Birthday celebrants receive their dinner for free and for family or friends wishing to join in on the festivities, the dinner is $35.  Please call Gualala Arts at 707- 884-1138 to make reservations for you and your guests.

The 70th Birthday Party is one of the lasting legacies of Rosemarie Hocker. It has taken place almost every year since the first celebration and continues to bring together a wide selection of people. Many find that friendships are made and/or renewed during the evening and a happy consequence is a strengthened bond with the local community.

Tables will be provided for birthday guys and gals to share their memories. Past presentations have included photo albums, wedding pictures, school yearbooks, trinkets, military service memorabilia, cheerleading pompoms and more. Volunteers help prep and serve the birthday dinner.

Anyone who is not a celebrant but would like to participate as a host, waiter and/or chef, please consider joining us. That makes it a double party for us all! Call the Arts Center at 707.884.1138 to volunteer.