Global Harmony Summer Adventure Camp: Around The World In 8 Days

Global Harmony presents

Global Harmony Summer Adventure Camp

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 through Friday, July 19, 2019

Gualala Arts Center

$195 per child by May 31, 2020; Late registration $295 after May 31, 2020. TUITION FEES ARE FOR BOTH WEEKS. NO DISCOUNTS FOR ONE-WEEK ATTENDANCE. $50 or $100 scholarships are available with a written request submitted with an application.


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This year, all children from 1st through 8th grade are invited to go around the world in eight days by registering for the Global Harmony Summer Camp. Summer is getting closer every day so it’s a good time to register your children for this special two-week adventure. Can you hear the giggles? Can you feel the energy? Can you smell the crayons?

This year’s summer camp runs Tuesday, July 9 through Friday, July 19, 9:30am to 12:30pm both weeks, Tuesday through Friday.

Registration forms, medical consents, and all other information can be found online at under the Global Harmony tab. Especially important, if you have a teen interested in being a camp assistant, we like to have the information early for our planning purposes! Assistant applications are also available online.

All children from 1st through 8th grade are invited to participate. Scholarships are available for financial need.

Camp registration is $195 per child by May 31, 2019; Late registration $295 after May 31, 2019. TUITION FEES ARE FOR BOTH WEEKS. NO DISCOUNTS FOR ONE-WEEK ATTENDANCE. $50 or $100 scholarships are available with a written request submitted with an application.

Travel guides for the 2019 Global Harmony Summer Adventure Camp:
Ann Turgeon – “Around the World with Arts & Crafts” 
Ann will bring arts and crafts from around the globe to the Gualala Arts Center.  With Ann our travelers will embark to Indonesia, Africa and India. She will create an environment that allows a hands on, creative free experience with arts from other cultures.  Ann is currently teaching in Maryland and she is chairing an Arts Festival that she has been involved with for close to 10 years.
Jan Henley – “Using Paint to Explore Other Cultures”
Jan will trek across the countries and borders of time and space.  She will start with Australian Aboriginal Art, hightail it to Russia to experience a Fairytale, get serous with writing numbers and characters of Chinese, and finish up in India and the Festival of the Elephants.  Jan has taught art to the youth K-8 for the last dozens years here on our coast.  She has also curated the young artists exhibit here at Gualala Arts for most of these years.
Sara Bogard – “Yoga Journey to World Peace” 
Sara will lead her classes through a journey inward and around the globe through yoga.  Sara has an extensive career in theater arts and dance, toured nationally and internationally, co-founded Reno Summer Youth Program. Sara is a synergy yoga teacher in Point Arena and the Sea Ranch just to mention a few of her movement/theater/camp qualifications.
Harmony Susalla – “An Artist Adventure”
Harmony and our travelers will weave their way around the globe learning about famous artists who used color and shapes in new and exciting ways and exploring their techniques and styles. Starting with straight lines and primary colors they will travel to the Netherlands and be introduced to Piet Mondrian.  Then they will make paper cutouts like Matisse did in Paris, cover things with dots like Yayoi Kusama (from Japan), and  more!  Harmony is a textile designer for the past 20 years, has been the volunteer coordinator for the Global Harmony Summer Adventure Camp for the last 7 years, been signing her art “Harmony Art” since age of 5 and been working with the youth since she was 15.

Serra King – “Dancing around the World” Serra will teach dance and culture from several countries culminating in a performance to share with our Global Harmony Camp Community.  Serra is a second grade teacher in the State of Washington. She has grown up dancing starting with Ballet at the age of three and ended her formal education in college.  She has taught many classes for youth and choreographed performances with her students for many years.


Suzan Friedland – “Fire, Food, Chop, Eat” 
Suzan will gather ingredients from other cultures and countries to explore the culinary arts from around the globe.  Suzan holds a Master’s of Fine Arts degree and is an innovator in the world of contemporary textile art. Her pieces are part of the collection of the San Jose textile museum in San Jose, California, and in private collections around the country. Sue is currently teaching art in the south San Francisco Bay.  She is currently exhibiting in the month of May in the Burnett Gallery.  In addition to fine art, Suzan has been cooking and sharing her love and culinary creativity for decades both professionally and personally.


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