Sonoma Mendocino Coast Whale and Jazz Festival

Whale and Jazz presents BAKU at Annapolis Winery

The 16th Annual Sonoma Mendocino Whale and Jazz Festival

The BAKU Performance has been cancelled due to weather.

Annapolis Winery


Baku performs at Annapolis Winery

Baku performs at Annapolis Winery, Saturday, May 18. Baku features the talents of Harrison Goldberg, saxophones and percussion, Chris Doering, 7-string guitar and guitar synthesizer, Tim Mueller, 6-string guitar and guitar synthesizer, David French, upright bass and percussion, and Nancy Feehan, cajon and percussion, perform at Annapolis Winery (May 18). Baku is known for their unique and totally improvised “Jambient Soundscapes,” a synthesis of jazz, Afro-Beat, Middle Eastern, and other World Music influences and rhythms.