Chairs Alive!

Alice Wingwall, The exhibition three-dimensional modified chairs and photographs.

Gualala Arts Exhibit

Exhibit continues thru Sunday, June 2, 2019.

Elaine Jacob Foyer


Most who know or know of Alice Wingwall recognize that she has been widely praised for her work. Nevertheless, perhaps the best description is this:

“Alice Wingwall is a complex force of nature:  strong in her imagery, in her memory, funny, gentle and aware.  You can actually feel the will she has to produce these strong and engaging images. Any photographer would be fortunate to produce this work; that it is done without the benefit of sight is extraordinary—but that is not the most important thing about it. It is her use of light, composition, mood, framing and exposure to tell the story that makes the work so good.” (

It is with that introduction that Gualala Arts is pleased to present an exhibit of Alice Wingwall’s “Chairs for All Reasons” in the Elaine Jacob Foyer during May. Opening Reception is Friday, May 3, from 5 pm to 7 pm at Gualala Arts. The exhibition has a few photographs in it but primarily consists of three dimensional modified chairs.

Alice will be the first to tell you that chairs have many purposes, and her description of the upcoming exhibit will be most appropriate:

We must stand to see what they can do.  Shoes need to be comforted as they rest, large bowls find places to be that are other than a table. Her exhibition will include 8 or 10 chairs given new lives:  among them a winged chair, an open wing chair, a feathered chair, a framing chair and marker chairs.

Chairs can laugh, converse, gather together, and some may stack or take off slightly from the ground. The work is three dimensional, the materials are plastic and wood chairs with additions of paper, rope, copper pieces, photographs and inscriptions. They range in size from one chair to deckchair to chairs combined.

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