Collage – As Another Way In

With instructor Donnalynn Chase

Collage Workshop

Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 12 - 3 pm

Gualala Arts Center

$25 for GA Members; $30 for Non Members; $3 Materials Fee call 707.884.1138 to sign up by March 30

Collage is the noun for the French coller which literally means “to glue” or “to stick”. It is a popular art method and easy to access with all the papers and ephemera that is around us. Collage as we play with it during this workshop is about using images outside of us to help go deeper within. We are going to use collage as “another way in” to better understand our complex unconscious world. This workshop is about the process of using collage images and their placement for self understanding; not about creating a piece of art.
Collage is a very rich process where images can become metaphors. In this workshop we will experience how collage can be a “jumping off” place full of hidden jewels to encourage further self-exploration and expression. The participant is not required to have any artistic ability to enjoy and learn from this workshop, and experienced artists will find it refreshing and “grist for the mill”.

About Donnalynn Chase
Before moving to “here in paradise” Donnalynn facilitated, coached, and taught workshops in her private practice and corporate jobs. She figures she held over 250 workshops and classes between 2001 and 2015, with the majority of them focused on the creative process. In 2006, Donnalynn built an art studio which became a refuge for her and her clients. Aside from workshops in her private practice, she offered life coaching, day and weekend long retreats, and an on-going journaling circle that lasted for 13 years (it actually kept going after she moved). Donnalynn held most of her offerings at her studio preferring smaller groups but also taught at local adult education sites, wellness centers, and art stores, as well as holding retreats at local retreat centers.
Donnalynn is a self-taught collage artist who loves to share her passion for self-expression with others. In early 2017, she helped to co-found the collage group which meets twice a month at Gualala Arts to cultivate collage making and community. She has been trained as a life coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker and more recently as a SoulCollage™ facilitator. In addition, donnalynn claims she is a corporate refugee and recovering perfectionist, and has a Jack Russell Terrier who keeps her smiling.