Spring Equinox and the Mystery of Transforming Anger into Forgiveness

Karl Danskin

A Community Event in the Taoist Tradition

Thursday, March 21, 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Indoors in the Gallery at Gualala Arts

By Donation

Staying Healthy With The Seasons series – the ancient Taoist Arts perspective on longevity.

Spring Equinox and the Mystery of Transforming Anger into Forgiveness

As Spring arrives all of Nature is full of vitality – growing, expanding, moving upward. Within us, vision is becoming clearer and plans are developing. Things are starting to move.

As young shoots come up through the ground, they lack the rigidity that they will have as they mature into plants. For now they are supple, flexible and malleable.

And they offer an example for us. As the Yang energy builds within us and propels us along our course, we too need to be flexible and yielding. The natural push forward will certainly bring us up against obstacles, and if we don’t want to crash against them, we will need to soften and flow around them – maintaining our momentum and our focus on the our longer vision.

Within ourselves can we nurture our momentum and yet stay flexible enough to smoothly slide by the obstacles that arise? How can we be appropriate in the Spring season? What does the traditional Chinese Taoist perspective suggest about working with the emotions and energies of this time of year? Can we transform our anger into kindness and forgiveness?

This will be a talk about engaging with the energies of Spring. We will look at the cycle of the whole year, and think about what is most natural to pursue in this time of surging Yang.  And we will explore a simple practice for transforming emotional energy.

No previous experience or knowledge is needed. Part of the Global Harmony Arts series at Gualala Arts Center.  For further information: www.birdsongclinic.com

Karl is currently teaching small classes on the coast in Tea and Meditation, Tai Chi style movement, and other Taoist arts. Karl has been a student of classical Chinese health and healing practices since 1981. He learned Taoist meditation and healing practices from Master Mantak Chia, Taoist spiritual philosophy from Sifu Liu Ming, Taoist medicine theory and application from Taoist Jeffrey Yuen, and Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang practices from Sifu Fong Ha.

Karl formerly taught Chi Kung and meditation at the Shiatsu Institute in San Francisco, the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, and at the Center For Living in San Francisco, as well as being Director of the International Healing Tao Video Library, and teaching private classes extensively in the Bay Area.

Karl has been living on the Mendonoma coast since 2001.

Contact: collectivitynow@gmail.com