Crossing Boundaries: The Art of the Book

North Coast Artists' Guild presents

Gualala Arts Exhibit and Call to Artist

Exhibit thru Sunday, February 24, 2019. (Opening reception was Friday, February 1, 2019, 5 to 7 pm.)

Burnett Gallery


Balinese Book

. . . as expansive as the artistry of books . . .






Book Art is as expansive as the artistry of books, which have been made for centuries within the countless genres of art.

Winter Journal

Book Art has, in the past, been simply defined as art made from a book, yet that description is very limited and somewhat boring.

The contemporary field of Book Art includes, but is not limited to, fine press books, sculptural book works, artist books, altered books, designer bookbinding, installation, and performance.

Balinese Folk Tale

The disciplines used to create Book Art include printing, printmaking, papermaking, letterpress, photography, poetry, experimental narratives, visual arts, graphic design, and many more disciplines, too numerous to mention. As a discipline that is as hard to define as art, it has limitless potential. What all Book Arts do have in common is that the form or function of a book relates directly to the artist’s intent. The artist has chosen a “book” for his/her artistic expression. This choice originates from a love and respect for the power of the book; books communicate.

Flying Fox

Book Art is much more than a beautiful book. Book Art is an ideal vehicle for conveying an artist’s experience of his/her unique knowledge and memories of the world in a myriad of ways and techniques, from traditional to experimental Relevance to community (define community): This exhibit’s purpose is to showcase the depth and range of Book Arts. It will be an open call to all local artists. In addition, many book artists nationally and internationally will be invited by the curator to exhibit their books.

To complement the exhibit and to further engage the community in book arts, two workshops are planned. A basic, beginners workshop along with a specific technique of book binding workshop will be offered prior the exhibit. The North Coast Artist Guild will also hold a forum to discuss and exchange ideas about book arts.

Artists: a registration form is available here. NOTE: Registration closes January 18, 2019.


Elizabeth Solomon

Curator: Elizabeth Beronich Solomon – Elizabeth has been a book artist for decades and has an extensive network. She is willing to accept book art from artists outside the local area and return them with prepaid postage. GA will not be involved with the storage or handling of this art. Elizabeth plans to send invitations to artists and/or will judge work into the exhibit to expand the exhibition experience. Wall art or 3D, combination of both: Combination; two-dimensional and 3D.