The Approach of Spring and the Mystery of Eternal Youth

Global Harmony Presents

Staying Healthy With The Seasons series – the ancient Taoist Arts perspective on longevity.

Tuesday, February 5, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

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The Approach of Spring and the Mystery of Eternal Youth

 Youth is part of the cycle of life. And we only go through a single revolution of that cycle in our lifetime. But our life is still part of the greater energy of Nature all around us – and that greater energy that we’re part of is eternally cycling back through youth, through the stage of “being young” – everyday another early morning, every month another waxing moon, every year another Springtime.

So that even as the arc of our own life ushers us through the linear seasons of our aging, Nature continually gives us access to the energies of youth and beginnings.

As Spring approaches, let us be reckless! Let us be unplanned! Let us be wide-eyed! Let us be inspired! Let us be unburdened! Let us be inexhaustible!

Let us allow the sun’s inexorable climb into the sky, and the warmth and the burgeoning vitality course freely through our sinews and move us in unanticipated ways, quickly, without giving our worries and concerns a chance to catch up! Let us revel in the finite moments of early Spring, and be taken by Nature to wherever she chooses to lead!

We’ll have plenty of time to reflect on the wisdom of all this when Autumn arrives. For now, let the journey begin!

This will be a talk about engaging with the approach of Spring. We will look at the cycle of the whole year, and think about what is most natural to pursue in this period of reawakening Yang.  And we will explore a simple practice for cleansing ourselves in the energy swirling around us.

No previous experience or knowledge is needed. Part of the Global Harmony Arts series at Gualala Arts Center.

Karl Danskin is currently teaching small classes on the coast in Trail Walking Meditation, Tai Chi style movement, and other Taoist arts. Karl has been a student of classical Chinese health and healing practices since 1981. He learned Taoist meditation and healing practices from Master Mantak Chia, Taoist spiritual philosophy from Sifu Liu Ming, Taoist medicine theory and application from Taoist Jeffrey Yuen, and Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang practices from Sifu Fong Ha.

Karl formerly taught Chi Kung and meditation at the Shiatsu Institute in San Francisco, the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, and at the Center For Living in San Francisco, as well as being Director of the International Healing Tao Video Library, and teaching private classes extensively in the Bay Area.

Karl has been living on the Mendonoma coast since 2001. He taught Tai Chi at the Del Mar center on The Sea Ranch from 2005 to 2010.