Watercolor on the North Coast

With instructor Ron Sackman

A watercolor class for all levels.

Fridays, October 26 and November 2, 9, 16. 1 to 4 pm.

Upstairs Classroom Gualala Arts Center

GA members, $130; Non-members, $140. Call 707-884-1138 to register by October 12, 2018.


Discover the possibilities of transparent light and color as tools to expand your individual expression of the power of Art with this amazing medium.

Ron Sackman with one of his watercolor paintings.

Workshop Description Watercolor, once traditionally used as a sketching medium, has gained status as a primary force in the modern art world. Whether an artist works with traditional methods of drawing and color and design or modern methods of experimentation, no other medium offers the spontaneous expression found in watercolor work.

Class One will be an introduction to techniques unique to watercolor painting, and a practice session to “explore the waters” of brush, paint and paper.

Class Two will begin with an outdoor landscape painting demonstration, then a painting session, followed by a discussion of the results, problems encountered, and solutions for future reference.

Class Three will begin with a demonstration of techniques using special effects to enhance your paintings and allow you to try them out.

Class Four will include a brief demonstration to discuss details, such as adding, animals, birds, vehicles, people, etc. to your landscapes.

Materials List: available @ DickBlick.com (800) 447-8192 Essential 5 COLORS: tubes, or pans. Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cobalt Blue Hue, Payne’s Gray, Veridian Hue. Optional colors.: Dioxazine Purple, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Orange Hue,Burnt Sienna. Suggestion. Winsor/Newton Cotman Watercolor Set. 10 colors, mixing tray, brush. Number C00325-1009

$33.20 WarcolorB RUSHES: Suggest set of 4, Princeton C06444-1004 $27.06 Brush Option %4″ Flat Wash ($11.51) + #8 Round ($6.06 ) = $17.57

Materials provided by GAC PAPER:10-22” x 30″ sheets Arches Bright White Watercolor Paper $70.80

$7.80/student Instructor will provide 10 – 12 x 16 x 14″ “Drawing” boards. Students may find it helpful to bring bulldog clips or tacks or masking tape, a gallon bucket, a small sponge, paper towels, pencil, soft eraser, sun hat, walking shoes, a windbreaker and water to drink while you’re outside painting.

Thank you for providing Art opportunities for the North Coast.

About Ron Sackman

“The art I produce is an expression of my personal perspective of Life as a visual experience. Subjects are real places, but interpreted as ‘impressions’ as opposed to photographic representations.”

Ron has experimented with many mediums, including portraiture, photography and ceramic sculpture, but his recent works are oil paintings on canvas. “Paint best conveys the power of color and line and form and the endless variety in which these elements are found in nature,” he says.

He describes his process as “each painting is a one-of-a-kind original.” Sketches are made on location, redrawn on canvas and enlarged as fine paintings. Architecture and vehicles are drawn in perspective and color is applied in layered washes, or under-painting, and texture is added. Details such as people, wildlife, and wildflowers are added to give a sense of scale and proportion.

Born in the San Joaquin Valley, Ron began art studies at age 13. He attended Cal Arts (Chouinard) in Los Angeles, studying illustration, art history and sculpture. He received a BFA from College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA in drawing, painting and printmaking.

Ron has worked in color and design, woodworking, architectural rendering, drafting, landscape and seascape designs. He received his teaching credential from San Jose State University and taught high school art from 1988 until 2005.