70th Birthday Celebration 1948-2018

Gualala Arts Presents

The 70th Birthday Celebration for those born in 1948

Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 5 pm

Coleman Hall

Free for celebrants, $45 for family, friends and community members. BRING MEMORABILIA TO SHARE!

The 70th Birthday Celebration

Sunday, October 28, 2018, 5 pm

Gualala Arts Center


The 70th Birthday Celebration is always a heart-warming good time, whether you are the celebrant, a family member, or a general member of our coastal community.

Raise a glass with friends to those commemorating this momentous milestone and enjoy a flavorful salmon dinner prepared by the Gualala Arts culinary crew.

The dinner menu is the original selection created by Rosemarie Hocker for the first celebratory dinner back in 1988. Birthday celebrants receive their dinner for free and family or friends who wish to join pay $35. Please call Gualala Arts at 707- 884-1138 to make reservations in advance for you and your guests.

Tables are provided for celebrants to share meaningful memorabilia about their lives. This is the best part of the evening!
Bring photo albums, medals and certificates of achievements, pictures and any other memorabilia that is meaningful to you. During dessert, each celebrant is invited to share a story or a memory.

The 70th Birthday Party is one of the lasting legacies of Rosemarie Hocker and has taken place almost every year since the first celebration. Many find that friendships are made and/or renewed during the evening

Volunteers help prepare and serve a full course dinner with birthday cake for dessert! If you would like to volunteer as a waiter or chef at this special event, call 707-884-1138.

This is a community celebration and you do not have to be a member of Gualala Arts to participate!

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