Make Your Family Crest!

with instructor Anne Menne

A Global Harmony Summer Camp Class for Adults and Kids!

Wednesday, July 18, 4 to 6 pm

Gualala Arts Center

$20 per person. Sign up by July 16.

Have fun with your child creating a family crest that represents the most important characteristics of your family!  Discover and emphasize the characteristics you want to instill in your tribe!  A fun craft experience drawing and painting a representation of your wishes and dreams for you and your children!

Anne Menne is an anthropologist and is a founding partner of the Cultural Medicine Institute,  which focuses on research and education about anthropology, arts, human development, medicine, and anthropology as medicine. Her current focus is research and writing about American society. She has worked as a project and exhibition designer director and writer to initiate, develop and produce research and educational programs for urban and rural, multi-ethnic and international audiences and products for exhibition, instruction, entertainment and public media, including extensive studies in Peru.