Global Harmony Summer Adventure Camp: Take a trip to Asia!

Global Harmony presents

Global Harmony Summer Adventure Camp

Tuesday, July 10, through Friday, July 20, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Gualala Arts Center

$195 per child by May 31, 2018; Late registration $295 after May 31, 2018. TUITION FEES ARE FOR BOTH WEEKS. NO DISCOUNTS FOR ONE-WEEK ATTENDANCE. $50 or $100 scholarships are available with a written request submitted with an application.

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Gualala Arts Global Harmony Adventure Camp is the place to be for local kids and visiting youth to the coast!

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This year, all children from 1st through 8th grade are invited to  take an adventure to Asia! Youth will be exploring culinary delights, artistic endeavors, music, historical perspectives and more!  Your children will enjoy experiencing classes with an Asian twist right here in Gualala where the river meets the sea! Sign up, it’s going to be a blast!

Jessica Crouch, in her studio.

Classes include Japanese fish painting, or Gyotaku, block printing on textiles, making books with sun prints and calligraphy, anthropology and cultural lessons, Asian cuisine, and even some Martial Arts!

Jessica Crouch will be leading the workshop on Gyotaku and block printing. Originally used to  record and commemorate a fisherman’s catch, fish prints are created with sumi ink on paper, using a fish!  Block prints will be hand-colored on cotton fabric using natural dyes and paint brushes. Jessica lives in Nashville, Tenn.

Local Chinese brushwork artist and ceramicist Andrea Allen will teach Chinese Brushwork and local Martial Arts instructor Lini Lieberman will teach some beginning moves and routines in Karate and the Martial Arts.

With anthropologist Anne Menne, campers will re-trace the steps of Asian ancestors, working in tribes and learning about how ancient Asian people recognized and worked with the beauty, rhythm and blessings of nature. Campers will collect plant materials and create handmade paper, map the world around them, and draw, paint and sculpt with paper using origami techniques. They will have fun writing haiku, playing paper games, and creating invitations, codes and diaries. Anne Menne is an anthropologist and artist who has worked with children in the United States and Latin America for over 40 years.  She lives on the Mendocino Coast.

Every year features a new and vibrant Global Harmony adventure! Go here to see details about last year’s camp!

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