PPQG Art in the Redwoods Quilt Raffle

presented by Pacific Piecemaker's Quilt Guild

The Crane Quilt

Currently on view at Gualala Arts Center

Coleman Hall stage

Purchase raffle tickets at Gualala Arts Center and Dolphin Gallery! $5 each, 3 for $10, 7 for $20.

PPQG’s 2018 Crane Quilt.

The quilt is on display at Gualala Arts Center through August 19, the last day of the festival, at which time it will be raffled off to a lucky winner! Raffle tickets are $5 each, 3 for $10, or 7 for $20 at the Arts Center. Winner need not be present to win. Tickets can be purchased from now until 3 pm on August 19.

About this year’s quilt:

Cranes decorate and empower this year’s Art in Redwoods raffle quilt with their well-known abilities to bring happiness, eternal youth, good fortune and longevity. All of which we wish for the winner of this year’s AIR quilt raffle, says quilter Iris Lorenz-Fife.
Each year, members of Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild (PPQG) create a full-size quilt for the festival raffle, proceeds of which help to fund the Gualala Arts Young Artist Scholarship.
Melissa Finley celebrated her first year’s membership in PPQG by providing the sparkling Asian fabrics, the rich pieced fabrics and the beautiful concept for this year’s AIR quilt. Melissa also did most of the sewing, assisted by Kalynn Oleson and cheered on by some of the members of the Wednesday Afternoon Quilt Group.