“OCEAN & SKY” – Portraits of Nature ( Debut COLLECTION )

Grace O’Malley

In a special showing of Fine Art Photography with wood sculptures by Bruce Johnson

Opening Reception: Friday, June 2, 2017 from 5 to 7 pm. Exhibit remains through Sunday, July 2, 2017

Elaine Jacob Foyer and Mohr Mezzanine


Grace O’Malley, “Reflections II”

“OCEAN & SKY” is a photographic study of the spectacular rough-hewn Sonoma County coastline. For this debut exhibition, Grace O’Malley created a collection of seascapes and skyscapes in both monochrome and color, and used a wide range of art forms:  whether natural/literal representations, abstractions, or photo-impressionist interpretations.

Grace O’Malley-“Luminosity”


Her large photographic images are presented behind clear, high gloss, 1/4” plexiglass.  The plexiglass draws light into the print, making it almost 3D.  The face-mounted, modern, frameless prints appear to float off the wall because the back-frame is hidden.


The artist developed her passion for photography early in life and has captured images of human, cultural, and natural beauty in over 65 countries.  To see more of her work please go to:  www.GraceOMalleyPhotography.com

Grace O’Malley-“Storm, paused”




Cypress sculpture by Bruce Johnson.


 Bruce Johnson is a well-known sculptor, Timber Cove resident, friend and neighbor of photographer Grace O’Malley.

Johnson is collaborating with O’Malley to create a unique photography exhibit at the Gualala Arts Center that echoes the rugged Sonoma Coast.  The photographs will hang on special panels created by Johnson for this exhibit, and the dark slate floors of the Art Center Foyer will be punctuated by Johnson’s “abstract black cypress boulders” created from the remains of a massive cypress tree that once stood behind the Stewarts Point Store.

Along with the photographs, this exhibit reveals the vitality and beauty of our unique landscape.  Nature on the walls and nature on the floor…

To see more of Bruce Johnson’s work please visit: www.formandenergy.com