“Sharing the Love”

Ling-Yen Jones and Dianne Neuman

in a special showing

Opening Reception: Friday, February 3, 5 pm to 7 pm. Exhibit through Sunday, March 5, 2017

Elaine Jacob Foyer


Ling-Yen Jones’ and Dianne Neuman share the love in this special exhibit in the Elaine Jacob Foyer this month.

Dianne Neuman

“This is what has been happening to me lately: I’ve been obsessively creating heart paintings,” says Neuman.  “Small ones, big ones.  So, I asked myself: “why I am being so obsessive with creating these heart paintings?”  Upon reflection, I discover I have been feeling the effect of the sadness and negativity out there in our world.  So, I say “Self…….more love must be the answer!”

Neuman has recently been exhibiting at the Blue Door in Guerneville and now shares her large abstract hearts with Gualala. With studios in Anchor Bay and in Guerneville, Neuman is primarily an abstract painter, working on canvas and/or paper with layers of transparent color to create new color and light in her work. She uses her hands, brushes, sticks, rags and a little bit of everything in her studio to create her images.

“When my paintings are finished, they reflect the balance of the essential elements: earth, fire water and air. The union of these elements radiates from my core – thus I consider my work ‘Landscapes of the Heart,’ ” Neuman says.

Ling-Yen Jones

“I am honored to participate in this exhibition in the Elaine Jacob Foyer,” says Point Arena artist Ling-Yen Jones. “I am showing work that I have been selling at galleries out of the area. These pieces are designed with the intention, and integrity that I use to create all of my work. Each pair of earrings acts like a human couple, creating a story.  Sometimes it is a story you have to create and tell yourself,”

Heart / Pin Collection

The idea of the safety pin has come in many forms, Jones says. The basic use, of course, is to pin a diaper on a baby or to pin something on one’s clothing safely.  In the 1980s it was a style thing to add for the punk rock look or on your jean jacket. Now, Jones says, the meaning has come to symbolize being   “linked, willing to stand up for the vulnerable” quoting a New York Times November 2016 article.

“I took this new symbol of the safety pin and connected it with the classic symbol of love, the heart. The copper heart is my pro-kindness statement,” she says.

“I wanted to share the love and joy that I see in the coming year. This was my time to share my feelings of what is happening in our world. I want to stay connected and I don’t want to put anyone down.”

Refining her skills for well over a decade as a jewelry designer on the Mendocino coast, Jones first studied her craft at Humboldt State University with David LaPlatz and later at Monterey Peninsula College. She also attended various Mendocino Art Center workshops and assistantships. She devotes her time to working at her company, Ling-Yen Designs.

The extensive number of shows and exhibitions in which Jones has participated and a list of the awards she had received appear on her website. She serves as manager of Coast Highway Art Collective, is a member and volunteer at Gualala Arts, a member of Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild, and a member of the North Coast Artist Guild.