Curators: Bruce Jones and Doric Jemison-Ball

North Coast Artist Guild and Local Collectives Art Exhibit

Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Exhibit remains through February 28, 2016

Burnett Gallery & Elaine Jacob Foyer


Call to Artist Registration Form
Deadline: January 22, 2016

Flaming Nuclear Waste-web

Surrealism, meta-realism, beyond-realism, these all mean about the same thing. The idea is to start with reality, look into our minds and go beyond it. In concrete terms, the objective is to take visual images beyond reality, maybe into the subconscious mind, maybe to a possible future.

Collaboration3-webThis school of art began in the early 20th century. Salvador Dali did it with a flair and a curly mustache. Rene Magritte did it with a bowler hat and a pipe. Several contemporary artists produced the attached surrealist art. These artists used only two dimensions, however for this show, you can use two, three, or more dimensions.

Go ahead, challenge yourself and have some fun with art, but get your entry form in to Gualala Arts by January 22, 2016 and get the art there on February 3.

About Bruce Jones

Jones is fascinated with the way our brains use clues of shape and texture to figure out what we are seeing. He explores patterns of these clues in his paintings, drawings and sculptures.

His subject matter is varied: landscapes, seascapes, people, florals, glass, rusty equipment, practically anything with interesting colors or textures. He does most of his painting on location rather than through photographic imagery, resulting in thorough involvement with local “Plein Air Painting” and “Life Drawing” groups.

Education and work experience focused on economics and business for Jones, but he’s been painting all his life, as did family members, and he’s created art just about every day since moving to the coast in 2000 — drawing, painting or sculpting.