Life Drawing

Life Drawing group

Weekly sessions, Open to all skill levels (including beginners) on a drop-in basis

Wednesdays, 2-5pm

Upstairs at Gualala Arts Center

Cost depends on number of participants

Life DrawingThe Life Drawing group works with a single, unclothed model each Wednesday. No instruction is given. All who attend work independently. Some of the artists draw (graphite, charcoal, pastels) and some paint (watercolor, oil, acrylics). Artists bring their own supplies. Chairs and tables are available and a very few easels.

The cost is determined by dividing the number who attend into $70. At each session the model is paid a fee of $60 plus tips and $10 is collected for Gualala Arts. Minimum number of artists is five and thus the maximum cost is $12. Five to twelve people normally show up for the sessions.

Life DrawingNormally a session begins with 4 – 6 warm-up poses of two minutes each, followed by 2 five minute poses. The remainder of the three hours is devoted to longer poses, usually 30 – 40 minutes, occasionally an hour.

It is helpful (but not mandatory) to be on the group’s email list. Four or five days in advance of Wednesday an email is sent to the group asking for confirmations from those who plan to attend. If fewer than five confirmations are received, the session is cancelled. (Cancellation is very rare.) A second email goes to the group two or three days in advance to confirm that the session will take place.

Models are always needed. Experience is not necessary. The only requirement is that the model be over the age of 18. All ages, weights, body types are desirable.

To be placed on the group’s email list, or for more information about attending or modeling, contact Bruce Jones (, 884-3381) or CC Case (, 707-339-2324).