How to Propose an Exhibit for Gualala Arts Center

Gualala Arts offers a broad and diversified array of exhibitions to promote public interest and participation in the arts.

Burnett Gallery

We accept and encourage non-solicited proposals for exhibitions. If you are interested in exhibiting your work or curating a show at the Gualala Arts Center, you will find most of the information you will need to develop your proposal online. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions after reviewing these materials.

Burnett Gallery ceiling installation.

We have two main spaces for exhibits at the Gualala Arts Center: the Burnett Gallery and the Jacob Foyer. In addition, Gualala Arts presents exhibits at the Dolphin Gallery, our members’ gallery in downtown Gualala.

The Burnett Gallery is perfect for exhibiting work with controlled lighting needs. The off white walls and wood flooring allow the art pieces to take center stage. The gallery is a separate space with no through traffic which allows exhibit options not available in the foyer. The open ceiling design provides additional creative exhibition space while still maintaining an intimate art experience.

Jacob Foyer
Elaine Jacob Foyer

The Elaine Jacob Foyer is lit primarily with natural lighting from the large front windows. Its two-story wall heights are conducive for showing large wall pieces and the beautiful slate floor and wood paneled staircase create a warm, friendly atmosphere. In addition to the walls, sculpture is often exhibited in this space, while being sensitive to not impeding the traffic flow through this area.

The Arts Center has white panels available if you need additional wall hanging area. By using the three pieces you will have a free standing unit which can be used in several different areas depending on your needs. We also have white pedestals in various heights and sizes. The panels and pedestals used together make a pleasing arrangement.

Elaine Jacob Foyer
Elaine Jacob Foyer

The Exhibit Committee welcomes new concepts and proposals. We suggest you read the documents listed below to help you understand how to write your proposal, know what you will be responsible for as a curator, and how and when the Exhibition Committee functions.

Proposals must be received by April 1st and artists will be notified by April 30 for exhibits in the following calendar year.

Each of these pages is printer friendly in pdf format. Adobe Reader is required for viewing pdf files.

If you have additional questions, please contact Doric Jemison Ball II, Chair of the Exhibit Committee by email at


Dolphin-GalleryThe Dolphin Gallery has one room available for two artists’ exhibits. Artists are paired with a complimentary artist and the two artists work together to hang and present the exhibit. Exhibit lighting is very good for the walls and pedestal areas. The window is large enough for creative use of natural light.

If you are interested in having an exhibit at the Dolphin Gallery, please contact Larain Matheson at Participation in the exhibit gallery is by invitation only.