Fabric Painting with Stencils

Instructor: April Sproule


Wednesday, April 13, 2016, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Arts Center

Members of Gualala Arts & PPQG: $65; Members of Gualala Arts or PPQG: $75; Non-members: $85

See also: April 14: Wearable Art with Stencils. Cost for BOTH workshops: April 13 & 14: Members of Gualala Arts and PPQG: $100; Members of Gualala Arts or PPQG: $110; Non-members: $120.

Register by March 24, 2016. After that, check availability.
Materials Fee: $20.
Download: Fabric Painting with Stencils materials list

Note: While it is not mandatory to take both classes, you will gain valuable insight into the process by attending both days. There is a $20 materials fee that covers all paints and supplies, but you will only need to pay this fee for one day, not both. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at: april@sproulestudios.com or (707) 725-9124.

Please check out the Stencil Gallery on the instructor’s website to see examples: www.sproulestudios.com.


Stencils have been around for centuries, but they remain one of the easiest and most effective ways to apply imagery to fabrics. In class, we will be using a unique collection of stencils I have developed that are incredibly simple to use.

The following information and techniques will be covered: basic stenciling techniques, borders, allover patterns, central motifs, color mixing, and the layering and shading of the images. You will be amazed at the spectacular results that can be achieved so quickly, and absolutely no painting or drawing experience is required.

The Textile Design Stencils are perfectly suited for a wide variety of fiber art applications such as wearable art, quilting projects, and home décor. An example of items that would be suitable for this workshop would be quilt blocks, wall-hangings, table linens, pillow coverings, or whatever you would like to work on.

Workshop Outline

  • Basic stenciling techniques
  • Color mixing
  • Image placement: borders, allover designs, and central motifs


  • Layering and shading
  • Painting your own projects

More information is available in the supply list, and there will be a $20 materials fee per student. This fee includes a stencil of your choice to keep and all paints, brushes, stencils, and other items needed. All you will need is the project you want to work on. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at: april@sproulestudios.com, or phone (707) 725-9124.

Please check out the Stencil Gallery on the website to see examples: http://www.sproulestudios.com

April Sproule

About the instructor

April Sproule is an artist who loves to work with textiles. With a strong background in design, sewing and quilting, she has been a full-time, award-winning studio artist at Sproule Studios for many years.

In her workshops, she has a knack for making even the most difficult tasks seem simple as she leads students through a progression of techniques for painting and embellishing textiles. She shares her personal treasure trove of sewing and design skills while strongly encouraging participants to develop their own unique creative style. Through her exuberant and supportive teaching style, your sewing repertoire will be elevated to a new level.

Her work can be seen at: www.sproulestudios.com, and www.sproulestudios.blogspot.com