Roll Your Own Sushi III–Beginners – CANCELED

Instructor: Laura Leigh


Saturday, March 12, 11 am – 2 pm

Gualala Arts Center

Members $60, non-members $72

Register by March 3. After that, check availability.
Material Fee: Included in class fee
Materials List

Laura Leigh Making SushiThis class shows how easy it is to make sushi rolls. It’s fun and easy to learn and wonderful to share with family. We will cover the full range of sushi preparation: from the cooking of sushi rice through the preparation and hands-on rolling of maki (rolls), to the presentation of plating with edible leaves and flowers.

Laura Leigh brings everything needed to roll sushi maki: cooked rice and the classic sushi fillings of fresh orNigiri-Sushi-3croppedganic vegetables, smoked salmon and fish (mock crab), avocado, wasabi, and pickled ginger. She will explain the traditional and California styles of sushi. It’s a very hands-on experience with each student in the kitchen.

Rollers and chopsticks are provided and each student can take them home. After everyone rolls their sushi we all sit down and enjoy it together for lunch.

About the Instructor

2016 marks twenty years that Laura Leigh has been making sushi on the Mendonoma coast. This is her fourth workshop in the past three years teaching the art of rolling sushi at Gualala Arts. She is excited to be teaching another group of people interested in learning the steps of making sushi— from making the perfect rice to combining the delicious ingredients that go inside each sushi roll. Laura also has a club called “Art Edibles” that meets each month at Gualala Arts.