My Story, My Song — CANCELLED

Instructors Rick Hansen and Annan Paterson

Workshop: Explore your storytelling skills with music and song

Tuesdays, starting January 12 through February 2, 6:30–8 pm

Gualala Arts Center

Members $125, non-members $155; member couples $200, non-member couples $240


Register by January 5, 2016 / After that, check availability
No materials fee

AnnanPatterson_Karoke2We all have a special song that we love to sing in the shower or play at full volume as we’re rolling down the road. These songs often trip a memory, recall younger times, tug at our heart strings, symbolize an era. We have unique stories that go with the songs.

This class is a chance to explore and share these songs and stories. Participants will learn storytelling skills and vocal techniques to present a song and story. In a fun and supportive environment, class members will use karaoke, stage presence and improvisation to develop their story and sing. Final class will be an informal performance for invited guests. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

This class is for non performers and performers alike. The point is to enjoy music and express your own special voice. Nerves are a normal part of sharing with an audience, and we’ll help you relax and enjoy the experience. The point is to talk and sing from the heart, not win a Grammy.

About the Instructors

AnnanPattersonInstructors Rick and Annan are husband and wife who can carry a tune (kind of) and love to tell stories. They have many favorite songs and stories from the sixties, the disco years, Motown, Tony Bennett, show tunes and contemporary rock. Rick is an educator who has taught children and adults of all ages. He was last seen on stage as “Kris Kringle” with Gualala Readers Theater. Annan is a performer and coach who has taught public speaking for the past ten years. They last performed together as “Sonny and Cher” at a local karaoke night.