Paul Brewer, photography and Gualala Arts Clay Studio Artists, ceramics

Paul Brewer and Gualala Arts Clay Studio Artists

Exhibit of photographs and ceramics

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 4, 2015, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Exhibit remains through July 28

Dolphin Gallery


The July 2015 exhibit at the Dolphin Gallery features the photography of Paul Brewer and ceramic works by artists that are part of the Gualala Arts Clay Studio. The opening night reception is on Saturday, July 4 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the show runs through Tuesday, July 28.

Paul Brewer

What separates Paul Brewer’s work from a number of excellent photographers who capture the abundant Mendonoma wildlife and the beautiful scenery along our coastline is the way he presents his pictures. Brewer’s use of dye infused metal prints and creative framing options makes his work particularly distinctive. He is an award-winning wildlife and nature photographer. Recent awards from the 2014 Art in the Redwoods Festival include The People’s Choice award, First Place in Color Photography and the Environmental award presented by the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy.

Salt Point winter falls, photograph by Paul Brewer

His pictures acquire a special depth and vitality because of the process he favors. The images are created by infusing dyes directly into the surface of specially treated aluminum sheets. The end result is a photograph with exceptional sharpness and outstanding durability, one that has superior archival qualities and requires no protective glass. It can be easily cleaned with any commercial glass cleaner. This technique provides permanence to the ephemeral beauty of nature.

Whether he captures the flight of sandhill cranes in New Mexico’s Bosque del Apache refuge, an osprey with a fish caught in its talons, the bonding between mother and new-born harbor seals or of the fleeting colors in a spectacular coastal sunset or sunrise, Brewer lives up to his mission to photographically capture nature’s wonders and share these special moments and special places with others.

Anna's hummingbird on Pride of Madeira, photograph by Paul Brewer

Once he retired and had the opportunity to develop his latent photographic skills, Brewer looked to his early life experiences with his parents and grandparents to find his focus on wildlife and natural settings. Living in Gualala with his wife Jacquie has provided an ideal base for his work. He also feels fortunate to have had Craig Tooley as a mentor.

His individual photographs are regularly on sale at the Dolphin Gallery and at the Highlight Gallery in Mendocino. His bird collection is sold at several Wild Birds Unlimited stores. This exhibit is his second two-person show at the Dolphin. In addition, Brewer is a member of the North Coast Artists Guild. His on-line gallery at provides an excellent cross section of his work. These pictures are a testimonial to his perceptive eye, skillful compositions, and technical expertise.

Evening Cascade, photograph by Paul Brewer


Gualala Arts Clay Studio Artists

The Dolphin Gallery is a new venue for the Gualala Arts Clay Studio to showcase the work of its talented members. Some of these artists are well known through their participation in other local events such as the Studio Discovery Tour and Art in the Redwoods, but some will be on display for the first time.

Clay Studio: Ceramic by Doric Jemison-BallEach piece has been created either entirely or in part at the Clay Studio, located in the basement of the Gualala Arts Center. There is no restriction as to the methods used and everything from hand-coiled work to pieces fired in a Raku kiln will be on display. The show includes contributions from Cate Carre, Jane Head, Doric Jemison-Ball, Bruce Jones, Nancy Kyle, JulianOlson, Chase Olson, Ray Schiff, Barbara Tocher, Sabina Walla and others. The participants have agreed to donate a part of their proceeds to benefit the Clay Studio.

Since its inception over a decade ago, the Clay Studio has volunteered its services to numerous community projects. For example, Sharon Porter fired the materials for the John Bower Sr. memorial in front of the nearby Chevron station and Cate Carre created and fired over 100 ceramic horses presented to Yakut visitors when they dedicated the county park Serges in 2014. For two weeks every summer the studio is turned over to children at the Gualala Arts Summer Adventure Camp for Youth.

The Clay Studio is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and guests are welcome to use the available equipment acquired over a number of years, thanks to the generous donations of numerous patrons. In 2003, Christina Smith-Owings donated the CRESS electric kiln that replaced older square kilns located in the Arts Center basement.

Since then, others have added a Brent slab roller, a second CRESS kiln, two Brent electric wheels, a kick wheel, and a Raku kiln. In addition, members have contributed glazes, glaze chemicals, tools and related small equipment. Curator of the show Doric Jenison-Ball notes expenses are minimal to encourage prospective participants.

The studio sells clay, including all firing, for about $ 1.00 per pound. Low fire glazes are free and high fire glazes are sold at a reasonable fee. To belong to the Clay Studio costs $10 a day, $40 a week, $60 a month or $400 a year. Starter kits are available for beginners. Children are welcome in the studio, with or without an adult.

Clay Studio: Jane Head with young clay artists

Those inspired to join the Clay Studio by this exhibit can obtain more information by calling the Arts Center office at (707) 884-1138 during normal business hours or by visiting and clicking on the Interest Groups link.

Clay Studio: Emily's Spoon