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Promoting public interest and participation in the arts since 1961.

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Local Artist application


To be included in the Local Artists section of the Gualala Arts website, you must be a member of Gualala Arts or one of our affiliate groups (North Coast Artists' Guild, Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild) and a full or part time resident in our area.

How to add a Page on our website

Local Artists To create your Local Artist page on the Gualala Arts website representing your artwork, fill out the Local Artist application form.

There is a one-time fee of $50; your web page will remain on our website as long as you maintain your membership in Gualala Arts or affiliate. Changes to contact information will be made for no charge. Changes to descriptive text and/or digital images will be made for a fee of $20, payable to Gualala Arts.

How to add a Link to your website

If you are a member of Gualala Arts or affiliate and have your own website, Gualala Arts will add a link on our Local Artist index page pointing to your website in return for your link to our website.

Follow the steps below to create a link on your website pointing to the Gualala Arts website. Then send a note to our publicity coordinator and we'll reciprocate. There is no charge for a reciprocal link.

Copy the code in the gray box below and paste it onto your web page:

this code produces this
<p align=center style="font-size:12px">
Member of<br>
<a  href="">
<img src="" 
border=0 alt="Gualala Arts" title="Gualala Arts"><br>
Gualala Arts</a></p>

Member of
Gualala Arts
Gualala Arts

Or, you can create your own code:

  1. Choose a version of the Gualala Arts logo to add to a page on your website.

  2. To add a link to your Local Artist page on the Gualala Arts website; point to:[yourname]
    [yourname] should be all lower case, with no punctuation.

  3. To add a link to the Gualala Arts home page; point to:

Gualala Arts reserves the rights
- to use images on our website for publicity;
- to its sole discretion to refuse to display or link to any artwork.

The Gualala Arts Center, located at 46501 Old State Highway in Gualala, CA,
is open weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and weekends from noon to 4:00 p.m.
Please call (707) 884-1138 for more information, or email

Serving the coastal communities of northern Sonoma & southern Mendocino Counties.