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Art in the Redwoods Festival
Quilt Raffle (2009)

The 2009 Art in the Redwoods raffle quilt is
Chains of Gold.

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2009 Quilt, Chains of Gold

The Art in the Redwoods Quilt Raffle will be held on Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. Winner need not be present to win. Proceeds will go Gualala Arts for art scholarships.

This year's quilt, "Chains of Gold," was created by Gail Sims, Janet Windsor and Sharon Malachowski. The quilt is now being featured at the Coleman Auditorium at Gualala Arts Center. Call (707-884-1138) for updates on where the quilt will be featured next.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at Gualala Arts Center and the Dolphin Gallery. Tickets are $2 each, three for $5, seven for $10 or fifteen for $20. Make checks payable to Gualala Arts, P.O. Box 244, Gualala, CA 95445. We also accept Visa and Mastercard if you call 707-884-1138.

Creation of "Chains of Gold"

Here are pictures showing Gail Sims and Janet Windsor working on the 2009 Art in the Redwoods Raffle Quilt. The design wall shows the quilt about half on the wall.

A few facts:
There are over 1,000 pieces making the top of this quilt
and each 12 inch square has 15 or 20 pieces.

Gail Sims explains some of the beginning construction, "The first picture shows the 20 piece square before sewing. I've sewed the 4 piece square (called a quarter square triangle block) and trimming it to 4 1/2" square in the second picture. The third picture shows all the squares and triangles arranged for the top half of the quilt before sewing anything. and the 4th picture shows us beginning to put it together."

2009 Quilt
20 piece square, before sewing

2009 Quilt
trimmimg a quarter square triangle block

2009 Quilt
2009 Art in the Redwoods Raffle Quilt
under construction

2009 Quilt
working on the quilt...

2009 Quilt makers
2009 Quilt makers

Sharon Malachowski, who is a professional quilt maker out of Sebastopol, completed the backing. Janet Windsor will be binding the edge. All three women are members of the Gualala Arts interest group Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild.

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