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Bruce Jones - Watercolor, Ink,
Colored Pencil, Drawing, Sculpture

I'm fascinated with the way our brains use clues of shape and texture to figure out what we are seeing. I explore patterns of these clues in my paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Bruce Jones: South Of Elk 2 My subject matter is varied: landscapes, seascapes, people, florals, glass, rusty equipment, practically anything with interesting colors or textures. I do most of my painting on location rather than photographs. As a result I'm thoroughly involved in our local "Plein Air Painting" and "Life Drawing" groups.

I paint primarily in watercolor, sometimes as a watercolor "purist" and sometimes finishing with pastels, ink or colored pencil. In contrast to most watercolorists, I like to use hard lines and strong darks in my compositions and I spend a lot of time working on textures. I generally try to paint colors the way they really are and avoid intense colors, whether the overall painting ends up representational or not. Some of my paintings are strictly wet-on-wet, some strictly dry-brush, most have elements of both.
Studio Discovery Tour artist Bruce Jones: Red Shoes Studio Discovery Tour artist Bruce Jones: Self Critical 2

Studio Discovery Tour artist Bruce Jones: Glowing Orange DRAWING
I draw in ink a lot, using a pen and brush like the old masters of Asia and Europe used to do to document images before photography. These are not all sketches, however. Most are finished art that takes hours or days. Plus I draw a lot of large figures in black and white pencil on pastel paper. Again, these are generally more substantial than quick "gesture" sketches.

I have done papier maché masks for decades and have been carving stone since 2004, in alabaster, limestone and marble. I like the traditional Italian method using a hammer, chisels and rasps, with the figure slowly emerging from the stone, and I emphasize tactile values more than visual.

Although my education and work experience focused on economics and business, I've been painting all my life, as did many members of my family. I've done art just about every day since moving to the coast in 2000 -- drawing, painting or sculpting.
Studio Discovery Tour artist Bruce Jones

Contact Information:

Bruce Jones
PO Box 250
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-3381

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