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Gualala Arts Workshop
Carved Clay Tiles and A Sense of Place
Instructor: Zola de Firmian

Five Saturdays
beginning June 3, 2006
9:00am - noon

Carved Clay Tiles and A Sense of Place - Zola de Firmian Register by May 19

Tuition: $150 members; $165 non-members
Materials fee: $15
Materials List: Yes
Min. 3 students; max. 5 adult students

The aim of this course is to tune-in to a place inspiring to you, then reflect and express the qualities of that place via sculpted tiles - creating small murals and triptychs. Each session will begin with a demonstration, then hands-on work (with close instruction.) The class will explore techniques of tile creation: These include pattern design, forming and carving, surface decoration with engobes, oxides, and glaze.

Cone six clay and glazes will be used. The course takes place over five Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 12 noon. The small class format creates a space where both beginners and experienced individuals may enjoy sharing the power of clay and the magical Sense of Place.

For more information, contact the instructor at or call (707) 884-1887.

Note: The course is one in a series of Three Thematic "5-Class" Sessions. If ongoing ceramics development is your goal, it's fine to enroll in more than one "5-class" Session.