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Eighth Annual Redwood Coast
Whale & Jazz Festival

April 1 - 24, 2010

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2010 Festival Volunteer Opportunities

The Redwood Coast Whale & Jazz Festival depends on volunteer energy, sourced from community spirit and the men and women who love jazz . . . and whales . . . and festivals!

Jazz is American music and should be kept alive and vital! Please consider volunteering your time, energy and expertise to the Redwood Coast Whale & Jazz Festival. We welcome local high school students and provide credits for volunteer service.

Volunteers needed for 2010:

Below are "job descriptions" of the areas we need filled for this year's Festival. Please look it over and let us know how you would like to play. BTW: it is a lot of fun! For more information, call Gualala Arts at (707) 884-1138.

  • 2007 Whale and Jazz Festival Poster Challenge winners Poster and Flyer distribution - The festival distributes posters, flyers and other materials to a number of businesses, Chambers and Visitor's Bureaus from Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay and to selected Chambers and CVB's in other areas of Mendocino, Sonoma, Marin and Lake Counties. We've found that personal contact is more effective that just mailing materials. We welcome volunteers to drop off materials and post flyers from now until the festival. Please contact Gualala Arts if you can help us out!

  • Fundraising - A Festival of this magnitude and scope that showcases world-class musicians and poets needs sponsors! If you have talent and inclination to reach out to the public, please call us for Sponsorship applications and other materials to help solicit support for this event.

  • Marketing and PR - Can you write press releases? Design posters? Are you computer savvy? We may have a spot for you on the Festival Committee. There are lots of little jobs that become overwhelming for the Gualala Arts Staff, especially taking the time to get the word out about the Festival! If this is your bag . . . jump on board.

  • Chowder & Jazz - There are several areas that require some able-bodied volunteers on Saturday, April 3rd from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    • Set-Up/Take Down: Setting up tables and chairs in the Main Auditorium and the Gualala Arts Center Foyer. Some physical activity and strength is required. Meet at 9:00 a.m.

    • Entrance/Cashier: Taking admissions, selling wine & beer glasses and tote bags. Chairs will be provided. Some time will be spent on your feet. We need at least 4 people, 2 per shift (includes a half hour before and after event.)

    • Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival: Chowder Challenge Fresh Baked Breads Counter: You will be slicing and taking tasting tickets for servings of fresh-baked breads from local donors. The majority of your time will be spent standing on your feet. (11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)

    • Bussers: We need a few agile volunteers to keep the tables bussed and wiped down. About 350 people attend the tastings over the 3-hour time frame . . . and it can get messy. You will be on your feet and have to keep moving! This group will also keep the Chowder Challenge contestants in cups, spoons and napkins. (11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)

    • Wine and Beer pourers: Not all the breweries and wineries who donate product may attend. We will need a few volunteers (over 21 please) to assist with the tastings. You will be on your feet throughout. Some knowledge of wines and/or microbrews is helpful but not required. John "The Wine Guy" Mika will give a short demonstration a half hour before the doors open. (11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)

  • Poetry & Jazz - Taking place at the Historic OddFellows Lodge in Point Arena on April 22. We need help with event production. Some physical activity and strength is required to transport and set up (and take down) the cabaret tables and folding chairs.

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