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Art in the Redwoods Festival
Judges (2010)

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The judges for this year's Art in the Redwoods Fine Art Exhibit are:
Katie Gibbs and Red Wolf.

About Katie Gibbs

Katie Gibbs Katie Gibbs, sculptor and founding member of Art Center Ukiah and the Corner Gallery, lives near Ukiah. Trained as an architect, she lived in France for many years, and earned a Doctorate in Urban Design with an emphasis on housing and the interaction of architecture and public art from University of Grenoble. While in France, she was one of the editors for a volunteer magazine of the arts and architecture, Pignon Sur Rue, which survived for eight years on advertising. Project critiques as well as more philosophical articles, photos and sketches filled the magazine. She was also the Executive Director of the Atelier Public d'Ubanisme, as the future residents designed a new neighborhood.

Katie Gibbs With a critical eye for form she has designed several homes, and is now concentrating on steel sculpture. After building steel bridges for nearly twenty years in a management position, she has taken hold of the plasma torch herself to create steel reliefs and sculptures. Indoor or outdoor, they are made to rust to an amber patina, but sometimes powder-coated in bright colors. Her studio is a yellow caboose.

Katie Gibbs She is interested in structure, form and pattern and their interactions. In her words, "Valley oaks reflect the environment and survival, the architecture adapts to the outside influences, all the while, following a basic pattern which defines the oak. To abstract this pattern such that the viewer enjoys the object over time is my work as the artist. Working in steel to describe the natural world? My most recent profession is all about steel and has challenged me to create beauty and grace from this malleable stiffness. This year it's trees, next year who knows what form, pattern and structure will attract my torch. The privilege of the artist is to breach the line between fantasy and reality and create an object which is neither, but leaves the viewer space to dream, imagine and enjoy."

She has always been present in and around the world of Art. In Ukiah she created unusual props for Ukiah Players Theatre and was a longtime member of the Board. In 2005, Katie and several other artists decided it was time for inland Mendocino to have Art Center Ukiah. In November 2008, twenty-four artists agreed to pay the rent for the Corner Gallery in order to create a space in Ukiah for the appreciation of art, predominantly visual but including performing arts too. Katie, as Treasurer, handles finances and also helps with marketing and public outreach.

About Red Wolf

Red Wolf Red Wolf works on sandwiched honeycomb aluminum aerospace panels. He finds that scoring a highly reflective groove pattern into the aluminum substrate enables him to have a degree of control of the path of light rays entering and exiting the painting. He has been experimenting with materials for many years and utilizes several combinations of thin films, particles, and coatings to create and control structural colors at various wavelengths.

Red Wolf: Sky Lounge, Nagoya, Japan Structural color in nature is seen in numerous places. Good examples are found in many of the feathers of tropical birds, butterfly wings, and tropical fish. These colors are generated optically by the refraction of light rather than by the absorption of light, which is typical of pigmented paints. Red Wolf sees himself as a painter and the work that he creates as paintings. While he does paint with a large array of pigmented paints and dyes in acrylic and oil emulsions, many of the paintings have an element of color that is generated structurally. To this end, his technique of painting takes on elements of the assemblage of a mixed media process.

Red Wolf: Abstract I am developing a painting technique utilizing thin film application in the pursuit of creating color structurally. Structural color is a phenomena found in numerous organic structures in nature from opal and humming bird feathers to soap bubbles. My artwork represents an exploration into the creation of color through the manipulation of light in ways that until recently were not fully understood.

This year Red Wolf is co-president of Art Center Ukiah. "We live on the Bay Area's fringes and that's why we have more artists per capita here in Mendocino County than anywhere else in California. We're here because it is beautiful and affordable." Red Wolf hopes to coax some of this talent out of the woods. "Artists who live and work here but display elsewhere can help others find the thread they need to keep working. Without my mentors, I would not be a working artist today. My bet is that Mendocino County is uniquely suited to provide this very kind of mentoring. Mendocino Art Center has been doing this on the coast for 50 years now. I hope we can extend that reach and create a similar kind of support inland as well."

For more information, visit Red Wolf's Fine Art.

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