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Yvonne Pankowski - Jewelry

YMP Design

Studio Discovery Tour artist Yvonne Pankowski: 14K Yellow Gold Rings Yvonne has been making jewelry since 1991. Semi-precious stones in the form of beads, faceted stones and cabochons are used in various ways. There are 5 different work stations in her studio. She keeps organized by having a different work station for each type of job; such as one for soldering, reticulating, alloying and annealing metal; piercing and sawing metal; stone setting and polishing; roller printing metal and wire; and one for designing, assembly and studying.

Some of her bead, wire and chain work can be seen at Photos of some of her metal work can be emailed to you. However, the best way is to come to her studio to see all of her work or create a design of your own.

The process of making jewelry is a series of disciplined steps. With each step being more important than the previous one; until each piece is finished to desired satisfaction.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Yvonne Pankowski: Sterling Rings with Bezel Set Stones Jewelry tools are varied and extensive, such as saws, hammers, pliers, files, rolling mill, torch, flex shaft, burs, gravers, polishing wheels, ultrasonic, punches, sandpaper, anvils and all types of measuring devices.

Each design poses a new challenge. Sometimes a class is needed to learn a required skill to add to the process. Commission pieces within her skill level are accepted.

In addition to classes, she uses books and videos to learn about design, layout and the creation of handmade jewelry. All designs are unique and each piece is done by hand, including the polishing.

Visitors are welcome to her studio by appointment, either to look at jewelry and chat, get jewelry cleaned and examined or to create or repair a piece of jewelry; either of her design or someone else's.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Yvonne Pankowski: 14K Lace Disc Earrings

Contact Information:

Yvonne Pankowski
32350 Annapolis Rd.
Annapolis, CA 95412

Phone: 707-886-5341

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