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Toni Wilson - Concrete

I was raised in Sebastopol and moved to The Sea Ranch in 1980. I have always loved the outdoors and gardening. Through the years I've had many passions but those passions always seemed to center around my experience with outdoors.

My leaf sculptures are inspired from my garden on the Sonoma Coast and the hikes I take around my property. Each leaf is one of kind, cast from real leaves and then hand painted. My use of colors comes from the fall trees and textures of nature to perfection.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Toni Wilson Studio Discovery Tour artist Toni Wilson

Studio Discovery Tour artist Toni Wilson GIANT RHUBARB LEAF
The intricate details of the extraordinarily veined rhubarb leaf lend itself as a unique piece of garden art or table decoration. This art piece is hand cast in concrete and then hand painted with a unique blend of colors. This cast art piece is made from real leaves that are used only once for the casting.

Leaf casting taken from a real comfrey plant creates this special garden sculpture. This exquisite garden art which highlights the veining and detail of the leaf makes for a beautiful garden accent or a lovely wall hanging in the home or entry way.

Make a statement with this beautiful blue banana leaf. Cast in concrete, and painted in a brilliant combination of blues. This amazing and one of a kind will bring you years of enjoyment. And as a fun conversation piece, hang this sculpture in the garden, entry way or use as a unique centerpiece for your garden table.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Toni Wilson

Contact Information:

Toni Wilson
PO Box 185
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-2944

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