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Tom Eckles - Photography

Studio Discovery Tour artist Tom Eckles: Rooted in Nature Studio Discovery Tour artist Tom Eckles: Lighthouse

Images of our world noticed by me, shared with you; nothing more.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Tom Eckles: Moon Over Range Photography was as present in my early life as were crayons. My father built a darkroom and time in the aromatic dark space fumbling with film and reels, paper and chemicals, had allure from age nine. Photography has been with me ever since. Let's not do the math, but it has been more than 50 years.

My grade school notebooks would be filled with drawings, most often random designs and patterns. After viewing my "notes," my parents would question how attentive I was to the lessons presented. Unfortunately, most of the lessons were unrelated to my questions about the visual world surrounding me.

In the time space from then, the mid 1950s until now, art classes were few but enough to nourish the inner burning embers. The embers have found air and burn into new creations; new public creations.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Tom Eckles: Kelp Stuck I don't crop my photographs as I know what feels right looking through the viewfinder. That 'knowing what I want, knowing when the composition is balanced' is something I cannot explain.

My intention is to capture the WOW moments I see along my path in life. I want to share those moments with you, even while knowing my images may speak differently to you than to me.

Recently, I have returned to taking photographs that only capture infrared wavelengths. Most humans only see visible light, which is a major factor in defining our world. But what if we only saw infrared wavelengths? We would then see our world as demonstrated by IR photographs.

As I began taking IR photos again, after a gap of approximately 30 years, the images caused me to ponder:

"What defines the real world?"
"Is it all an illusion?"
"What would life be like if all we saw were infrared waves?"

Certainly the world is different for those people that are colorblind or see nothing at all. One is no more real than another.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Tom Eckles

Contact Information:

Tom Eckles
35501 S. Highway 1, Unit 23
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-1930

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