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Ted Noble - Watercolor

Studio Discovery Tour artist Ted Noble I began to paint with watercolor in 1967, while working as a teacher on the island of Guam. Tropical palms and the transparent water inside the reefs were a great inspiration. I owe much to the encouragement of my wife, Freda, who found the only watercolors and paper on the island and told me I should begin to paint.

While I have had no formal training in art over the years, I have learned and developed by experimentation, with the help of a few good books along the way.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Ted Noble Since retiring in Gualala in 1985, I have enjoyed the many wonderful exhibit opportunities provided by Gualala Arts. I have also been a participant for the past ten years in the annual Studio Discovery Tour, sponsored by the North Coast Artists' Guild.

My work is traditional and representational, but it is quite a loose style of watercolor. In painting a scene from nature, I try to visualize the particular colors and intensities of hue, mixing and flowing with water, which will create the right impressions of the objects being represented. Larger brushes and larger sizes of paper are suited to this style of painting.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Ted Noble

Contact Information:

Ted Noble
PO Box 837
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-4306

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