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Suzan Friedland - Mixed media

Studio Discovery Tour artist Suzan Friedland Warmth, texture, and utilitarian beauty are strengths of textile arts. While acknowledging these roots in my work, I am compelled to go beyond the boundaries of traditional media and design. A central theme in my work is an exploration of the balance between traditional textile works and contemporary forms in various media.

In an attempt to achieve a more fluid style, I combine the traditional materials of textile art with painting and surface manipulation. A primary source of inspiration is the color and topography of the natural landscape. As such, a large part of the process of making my work is the creation of colors and textures to portray the strong feelings evoked by particular observations.

The paradox of trying to capture changing elements has been strongly influenced by my Zen practice. As a result I gravitate towards trying to capture ephemeral qualities like the colors of fading flowers and the texture of clouds.

I also find inspiration in discussions of form and relationship with scientists and mathematicians. While not trying to mimic scientific method, many of my processes begin with an attempt to visually interpret a form or relationship described in such a conversation.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Suzan Friedland Studio Discovery Tour artist Suzan Friedland

Studio Discovery Tour artist Suzan Friedland

Contact Information:

Suzan Friedland
PO Box 1691
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-9586

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