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Local Artist

Susan Shaddick - Jewelry, Fiber,
Painting and Sculpture

Studio Discovery Tour artist Susan Shaddick: silver pattern & brass earrings I am a native Californian and have been creating art for almost forty years. Over time, my art, in whatever medium I select, has always been about flow and motion. Artists whose work has inspired and influenced me include David Nash, Ana Mendieta, Joseph Beuys and Deborah Butterfield, as well as Joseph Raffael, who was a mentor and teacher.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Susan Shaddick: wrapped patinated silver earrings with beads This year, my art is focused on jewelry, although I continue to work in more 'traditional' art materials, such as sculpture, oils and oil pastels. Jewelry allows me to work a bit more portably, since I am away from home part of every week. It also allows me to focus my attention on texture and color in a totally different way from my other art. For me, it is important to 'play' when I work; indeed, I might say 'play' is my work and my jewelry allows me to play and work, creating sculptural pieces that reflect my interests.

Art from various cultures and traditions fascinate me. I am especially drawn to the art and traditions of First Nations' artists, probably to some extent because my father was born on Vancouver Island, where there is a strong tradition of this work and where I try to spend time each year. Living abroad in Berlin and in New York City, as well as frequent travels, has also influenced and inspired the art I create.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Susan Shaddick: abstract silver leaf earrings Studio Discovery Tour artist Susan Shaddick: hammered punched silver wrap earrings

I have Master's degrees in Art and Counseling Psychology, and have done post-graduate work in Italian literature. I am also a Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as Life Coach.

Living next to the sea has been a catalyst, in my three-dimensional sculptures of kelp, in my oil pastels of sea life, especially jellyfish, and now in my jewelry.

I share life and a home with Tom Eckles, a fine art photographer whose work can also be seen on this Studio Tour.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Susan Shaddick: abstract silver leaf pendant

Contact Information:

Susan Shaddick
35501 S. Highway 1, Unit 23
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-1930

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