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Steve Chell - reflektions & abstraktions

reflektions: mixed media mirrors

Steve Chell - Bronze and gray mirror strips on silver mirror base Photography was Steve's artistic expression of choice, especially abstract photography. While it remains an important part of his creative life, he sought an additional outlet that was new and unique. He found it in the combination of wood and mirror.

Steve Chell - Silver mirror circles on green glass inset Steve combines colored mirror - bronze, gray, copper, ebony, and blue - a variety of textured glass styles, flame-treated copper, strips of his colorful abstract photographs, and exotic hardwood accent pieces into his mixed media mirrors. He uses standardized black mouldings for his frames, most of which he builds himself.

Steve recently won first place in the Glass category of the annual Art in the Redwoods show sponsored by Gualala Arts with a mixed media mirror that featured a combination strip of bronze and copper mirrors on a silver mirror base.

Mirrors range in size from 6" x 8" accent pieces to 28" x 70" dressing mirrors. Currently, reflektions' mirrors can be seen at The Dolphin Gallery in Gualala and the Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg.

abstraktions: the lens as a palette

Fascinating shapes, colors, textures, and the play of light and dark are what Steve seeks when looking through his camera lens. They are found in the rusted metal of a country gate, the light beamed through a fused glass vase, even the graffiti left on an abandoned railroad car.

They are everywhere we look. Perhaps more accurately, they are where we rarely look. Steve points his camera at these special places to capture the hidden beauty in their detail. He calls it "painting a picture in pixels."

Steve Chell - Sunlit Tin Barn Siding Steve Chell - Drips

Steve's photos make an even greater impact when produced on aluminum, a dye-infusion process that brings a unique luminescence to the print.

His photos also are available at The Dolphin Gallery in Gualala and the Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg.

About the artist: Steve's professional career included Public Relations and Human Resources management with HP and management communications consulting for many Silicon Valley firms and organizations. He and his wife Carol, a watercolor artist, moved to Gualala, CA, in 2006.

Steve Chell - Shell-Shock

Contact Information:

Steve Chell
PO Box 10
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-9757

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