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Star DeHaven - Glass

Studio Discovery Tour artist Star DeHaven It started with crayons and marbles, then fabrics and finally glass. It has always been about color and texture. Silks were my favorite. I started sewing at ten. As a young adult I became a seamstress, fancy silk shirts, dresses and, of course, thru the sixties it was lacing leather halter tops and beads and crocheting shawls. I learned to spin alpaca and sheep wool and to dye the spun yarn.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Star DeHaven In my early thirties, I took a class in stained glass and the obsession started. More classes, better tools, design classes, more tools. I attended workshops with famed painter and glass artist, Narcisisis Quagliata. What started as a hobby grew into my career. In 1986, I moved to The Sea Ranch and started my own studio after working for several years at a wholesale, retail glass shop.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Star DeHaven Starting as a traditional stained glass artist, my style of glass art has become quite varied over the years. My skills now include fusing and mosaics. The process of creating with glass is very labor intensive. I go to glass factories and warehouses to hand pick each sheet of glass looking for the perfect color, play of light, and the illusion of movement. I hand draw all my designs. Although I still do traditional designs, I love making free form pieces of art that include crystals, flame-worked beads, and fused glass.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Star DeHaven I have been a member and participant of Gualala Arts for many years. I will participate in Art in the Redwoods again in August 2010 and in the North Coast Artists Guild 18th Annual Discovery Studio Tour on September 4th, 5th and 6th and Septmeber 11th and 12th, 2010.

Some of my commissions:

The glass panels in the dining room doors at St. Orres Inn.
Three windows in the Garden Cottage at the Greenwood Pier in Elk.
Many resident installations in Gulalala, The Sea Ranch, Santa Rosa area, the Bay Area, and San Diego.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Star DeHaven

Contact Information:

Star DeHaven
PO Box 311
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-2986

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