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Sheryl Marshall - Acrylics, Mixed Media

Studio Discovery Tour artist Sheryl Marshall: Kelp Dance I am a self-taught artist that has enjoyed and appreciated art since childhood. In fact, when I am painting, I often recall my first painting experience. It was the first day in kindergarten, standing in front of my easel with 5 pots of finger paint and wearing one of my dad's old shirts, buttoned backwards, over my clothes. I can still vividly recall how the paint felt as I dipped my fingers into the cool, thick pigments and began spreading it on the blank white paper in front of me. It was a feeling that was nothing short of electrifying and magical and I was giddy with excitement.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Sheryl Marshall: Contemplating the Dance Over the many years since, I have experimented with using watercolors, pastels, oils and clay. However, I am the happiest and feel the most creative when my process primarily incorporates the use of my hands, as my tools, instead of using brushes or other instruments. This realization didn't become clear to me until I began working with acrylics last year. The versatility of this medium works well with my abstract working style and helps me achieve the "magic" that is so vital to my creative process.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Sheryl Marshall: Black Iris My current body of work is extremely textural and almost sculptural in nature. I utilize "found objects" that trigger my imagination and I transform these objects into my artwork. I am rewarded, every time I paint, with the same joyous feelings that I experienced that first day finger painting in kindergarten. It is this joy, and fun, that I hope to pass on, through my artwork, to others. I am humbled by the many gifts that the universe has so generously bestowed upon me and I commit, daily, to "paying forward" that generosity.

While I continue to work, full-time, as an insurance professional, I devote as many of my spare moments, as possible, to creating my art. I am closest to my authentic self when I am creating and it is my artwork that truly feeds my soul and gives me balance and perspective in all the other aspects of my life.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Sheryl Marshall

Contact Information:

Sheryl Marshall
308 Skylark Way
Napa, CA 94558

Phone: 707-225-5854

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