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Sharon Hill Porter - Watercolor, Ink & Mosaic tile

Sharon Hill Porter: Wonder-full Donkey Growing up in LA's San Fernando Valley, I attended Cal State Northridge and LA's Art Institute. My love of art started early; I remember the joy I felt as a child watching the beauty of colors flowing into each other while I melted crayons on the heater (a joy not shared by my mother). I received art awards and created float characters for the Pasadena's Rose Parade, designed clothes for a boutique in Hollywood, and did commercial art for a major shoe chain.

I participated in Walnut Creek's Center for the Arts "Children's Book Illustrators" show for "the Wonderful, Wonder-full Donkey", have shown in galleries, juried & invitational shows in Coronado, San Diego, Newport, & Gualala, CA, with purchased & commissioned work from the east coast to Hawaii & Tahiti, and in Smithsonian Catalog. As an illustrator & graphic designer with many clients, I created and published coast tourist maps, and was commissioned to create a 63-foot wide mosaic on Hwy. 1, Gualala.

Sharon Hill Porter: Mural & fountain

I taught children's classes at Gualala Art Center and Artists in the Schools program at Kashia. As co-founder of a domestic violence sanctuary, I volunteered, later becoming advocate & director. With this I sought to try to understand how children are affected by domestic violence, and how to break the cycles of violence, issues I continue to try to address through stories & illustrations, as my focus is now writing and illustrating children's books.

Sharon Hill Porter: Olivia Grace Sharon Hill Porter: Michael's Map

Now a published children's book illustrator,* I've lived on California's majestic Mendocino Coast for 30 years, where I enjoy walks through the redwood forest to my favorite meditation place on the beautiful Gualala River.

*Sampling of books:

  • "The Wonderful, Wonder-full Donkey" by Olga Cossi
  • "Skruffy the Teenage Polar Bear" by Janie Tate
  • "Maggie & Brian's PeanutButter Jar Adventure" by Douglas Patterson

Sharon Hill Porter: IAMYOU

Contact Information:

Sharon Hill Porter
PO Box 999
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-3377

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