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Mel Gerst - Photography

Studio Discovery Tour artist Mel Gerst: Blue Flash Mel Gerst has come full circle from his childhood desire at age ten to become an artist. He launched his first career in 1963 as a rocket engineer helping develop the rocket engines that landed man on the moon. Over the last three decades, he has used his entrepreneurial talents founding two businesses. Along the way he has acquired considerable experience in the fields of scientific and commercial photography. Throughout his careers, he's been an innovator blending passion, enthusiasm, creativity and technology. From artist at age ten to wildlife/nature photographer today.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Mel Gerst: The Look Mel entered his first art show "Art in the Redwoods" in 2006. His signature image "The Prayer" won third place. In 2007 his image "The Look" was voted the "Most Popular" at "Art in the Redwoods." In 2008 he enjoyed his first exhibit at the Dolphin Gallery in Gualala, California.

His recent work includes a study of our Sun as it interacts with the Pacific Ocean horizon. His photo sequence which shows how the Green Flash forms has been very well accepted. As Mel says, "my challenge is to capture the images we don't see even though they are right in front of our eyes."

He presently shoots Canon digital cameras with a full range of high quality lenses. His prints are produced in his studio on an Epson large format printer using archival paper and inks.

As a recent full time resident to the North Coast, he and his wife Janet and their dog Scarlett live on The Sea Ranch.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Mel Gerst: Awakening Studio Discovery Tour artist Mel Gerst: The Light

Studio Discovery Tour artist Mel Gerst

Contact Information:

Mel Gerst
PO Box 84
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-1758

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