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Local Artist

Larain Matheson - Acrylics, Oils,
Pastels, Encaustic, Jewelry

Studio Discovery Tour artist Larain Matheson: Silent Moments I am a multi-media art who has worked in many media: oil, acrylic, pastels, photography and film. I received an MA in Art, with studio work toward an MFA from UCLA in 1972, and was fortunate to work closely with well-known California and international painter, Richard Diebenkorn. My past work has been large, mural size canvases which have ben exhibited in various museums in California.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Larain Matheson: Necklace Citrine Turquoise My inspiration and passion come from nature and the figure. Rocks, landscapes, skies, ocean, and then abstract them to become a new space and form. I have painted and lived in Mexico and the Southwest which has been influential in my work. I continue to create paintings with much color, that have been shown in galleries in Colorado, New Mexico, and here in California. In my recent work, I am fascinated with water and using figurative elements to suggest new connections of landscape, water and figure.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Larain Matheson: Calm In The Midst Of The Changing Tides I have also been working in encaustic this year, a wax and oil medium that is ancient since early Greek times. The work is inspired by the coastal views. New figurative paintings will be on exhibit as well as colorful jewelry designs in gemstones.

I am influenced by the natural architecture of the land and the connections of life through the language of line, color, and shape. I am an artist on a journey, hoping to capture that magic moment where the seen and the unseen is made more "visible."

Studio Discovery Tour artist Larain Matheson: Ocean Fog

Art Exhibits and Galleries

  • 2010 Encaustic Art Institute members show Santa Fe
  • 2010 Mendocino Art Center Gift shop
  • 2010 Dolphin Gallery - jewelry
  • 2010 Artisans Gallery Winter Show, Colorado
  • 2010 You Be The Judge Show Gualala Art Center
  • 2010 Blue Canoe Coffee Gallery-" Figure Meditations"
  • 2010 Juried May Show, Gualala Art Center
  • 2009 Group exhibit- Reflections-S. Long Gallery Mendocino
  • 2009 Whales on Parade-Art Splash exhibit -Town Hall, Ft. Bragg
  • 2009 Abstract Art Exhibit- Kensington, CA.
  • 2009 Gualala Art Center-Group show, NCAG
  • 2008 Mendocino Art Center, Members Show
  • 2008 Studio Discovery Tour, North Coast Artists Guild
  • 2008 Dolphin Gallery -NCAG Group Show
  • 2008 Art In The Redwoods Exhibit, GAC
  • 2008 Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery - Group Show "Connections To The Universe"
              Paintings and co-curator
  • 2008 Gualala Art Gallery - Figure work - Group show
  • 2007 Dolphin Gallery - North Coast Artists Guild show
  • 2000-2008 Colorado Artisans Gallery shows and New Mexico
  • 2007 Bear Totem project-painted bear sculpture, Alamosa College, CO
  • 1992-2005 Art Educator and mural projects - Richmond, CA. Schools
  • 1999 Richmond Art museum group show
  • 1992-93 Produced documentary of Huichol Indian Culture and Art,
                  "Huichol Sacred Pilgrimage to Wirikuta"
                  Awards: Mill Valley Film Festival, San Antonio Film Festival, U.C. Media Center
  • 1989-1994 College Of Marin - Art Instructor, Yarn Paintings
  • 1988-91 Art Exhibits, Marin Civic Center, Juried Shows
  • 1990 Cirrus Gallery, Photography Show, Mill Valley
  • 1977 Illuminarium Gallery, Mill Valley
  • 1974 San Pedro Art Museum - 2 woman show
  • 1974-1975 Faculty shows - Riverside City College
  • 1973-1975 Faculty Show - Santa Ana Jr. College
  • 1973 U.C.L.A. Gallery - Graduate Painting Show, MA/MFA

Studio Discovery Tour artist Larain Matheson

Contact Information:

Larain Matheson
PO Box 1585
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-9025

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