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Local Artist

Karen Bowers - Watercolor, Acrylic and
Mixed Media on Paper and Canvas

Studio Discovery Tour artist Karen Bowers: Hydrangeas of Late "For me, painting is a practice,
a perspective on life.
Each new piece presents a chance for optimism.
This is why I paint and what I hope to convey."

In the 1980's, Karen began painting on location with a group called the San Francisco Sunday Afternoon Watercolor Society. She painted natural and man made landscapes: seashore, mountains, towns and cities. Karen explains that her life as an artist expanded when she and her husband, Leonardo, built the fabulous High Point of View Studio on Navarro Ridge in Albion. "Once I took my paintings inside, literally and metaphorically, the paint itself became a new inspiration."

Studio Discovery Tour artist Karen Bowers: Buckhorn Cove Karen's expressive painting style continues to evolve with her use of a variety of mixed water media and collage elements. A national award winning artist, a once Artist in Residence at Yosemite National Park, and now a teacher of painting, Karen is a dynamic artist with a diverse body of work.

Among other occupations in a former life, Karen taught Political Thought at UC Berkeley, "Teaching contemporary painting is similar. As I see it, art and political thought create world views through a dialectic relationship between chaos and order. Begin a painting with a world view rooted in open mindedness and build relationships of color, values and design as you develop the piece."

Studio Discovery Tour artist Karen Bowers: Sea Ranch Revisited Studio Discovery Tour artist Karen Bowers: Family Outing at Navarro Beach

Throughout the year, Karen offers workshops at Mendocino Art Center, Gualala Arts and her studio. Her work may be seen locally at the Artists Cooperative of Mendocino on Main Street in Mendocino Village.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Karen Bowers

Contact Information:

Karen Bowers
29801 Navarro Ridge Rd.
Albion, CA 95410

Phone: 707-937-3163

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