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Jim Joyce - All Metals

My approach to Artist Blacksmithing...

Studio Discovery Tour artist Jim Joyce: Tree Sculpture Styles of work I create draw on a wide range of design and joinery methods, combining as needed to fit distinctive tastes of individual clients.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Jim Joyce: Side Table Sometimes I may photograph an object in nature, such as an old manzanita tree, then recreate the gnarled and twisting shapes and textures into a functional and decorative element: a forged balcony railing, or bronze door knocker, for instance.

Other times a client may desire a pre-1700's Studio Discovery Tour artist Jim Joyce: Abalone Shell traditional joinery design involving mortise and tenon, rivets, collars and forge welds; hand forged flowers, scrolls and fleur de lis. An absence of the look of modern production oriented electric welding. For this work, only hand made tooling is used to produce the creation and give the look of centuries old craftsmanship.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Jim Joyce: Sea Ranch steel tile For Eastern European influenced design, each forging step is emphasized and no attempt to smooth and cover the steps and lessons of life is attempted. The piece must reflect the difficult and sometimes painful individual progress necessary to growth.

Minimalist approaches to more modern designs with alloy and stainless steels emphasize shapes often just hinted at, leaving interpretation to the individual viewer. Conflicting play in gradual shifts of shadow and light, at times resolving the conflict by merging as one are a hallmark of these designs.

Substantial, sentinel through the long haul: artist blacksmithing represents the grand ideals of our ages passed on to future generations.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Jim Joyce

Contact Information:

Jim Joyce
PO Box 99
Stewarts Point, CA 95480

Phone: 707-847-3675

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